"Want to complete an overhand toss with the trophy" - Tom Brady promises to go crazy again if he wins Super Bowl

Brady throwing Lombardi Trophy. Credit: @Chrisfischer and Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Brady throwing Lombardi Trophy. Credit: @Chrisfischer and Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady and crazy are two peas in a pod. Over the course of his career, Brady has seemingly had, at least, one famous incident connected with each Super Bowl win. Last season, Brady threw the Lombardi Trophy across the river during the boat parade that took place after winning the Super Bowl. The throw was underhand and granny shot-esque.

Tom Brady promises to throw Lombardi trophy again

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers

Brady let the world know that, if he wins the Super Bowl again, he wants to complete an overhand toss, according to the podcast Let's Go!.

"I do think what I would like to do is complete an overhand pass with the Lombardi Trophy."

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have each had their antics with the Super Bowl trophy in years past. Gronkowski famously dented a trophy after using it like a bat back in 2019. It seems, as the years have gone by, the trophy itself has become less valuable to players like Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

After so many Lombardi trophies in recent years, Brady and Gronkowski have taken to treating them with less care every single year. At first, they treated them with as much care as a baby. Today, it seems that it is just another hunk of metal to add to the collection.

Of course, this is a tacit shot taken at the rest of the NFL, who rarely get to hold a trophy. While players like Brady and Gronkowski are able to mess around with yet another Lombardi, other players would guard the football-shaped trophy with their lives.

It makes one wonder what Bruce Arians feels about Brady chucking the trophy over the water. Arians has only won one Lombardi as a head coach and, at 69 years old, is not likely to win many more. Is he okay with Brady throwing the trophy across the river? Either way, a second trophy would likely assuage fears for the head coach.


The Buccaneers have clinched their division and, at 11-4, have a shot at taking the lead in the NFC over the top-seeded Green Bay Packers. The Buccaneers have to play the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers in their final two games. Meanwhile, the Packers face the Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions in Weeks 17 and 18.

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