Travis Kelce reveals he worried about being canceled over "all the s**t" on New Heights podcast with Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce (left), Travis Kelce (right)
Jason Kelce (left), Travis Kelce (right)

In the NFL world, Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce's New Heights is among the top success podcasts. Even though the Kelce brothers have made a majority of contributions towards the success of the podcast. However, there are also contributions of people behind the curtains that are often left unappreciated.

During their appearance at the SportBeach stage at Cannes, Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce thanked the editing team for their contribution and efforts in saving the NFL stars from getting canceled. Travis Kelce expressed that if it weren't for the editing team, he definitely would have been canceled.

The revelation came when Travis Kelce was sharing the secret behind making New Heights one of the most successful podcasts in the industry. Talking about the same, the Chiefs tight end said:

"My next words of advice if you're going to be authentic, make sure you have a good team that can edit. You have to have a really good team that can edit out all the shit that you'll get canceled for. That is key, you do not want to get canceled."


Following Travis' statement, Jason Kelce went ahead and gave a shout-out to the production team of Wave Sports & Entertainment for helping the Kelce brothers avoid getting canceled online.

"Shout out to intern Brandon, Brandon, Jake and everybody at Wave," Jason said.
"Thanks for not getting us canceled — at least not yet," Travis concluded hilariously.

Moving forward in the conversation, Travis Kelce highlighted the fact that it's important to have a production team that can be trusted. That's one crucial factor behind getting started with podcasting. Expressing the same, the Chiefs tight end said:

"If you're going to do a podcast, the production team has to be somebody that not only you trust, but you enjoy going to work with, especially if you're going to do something during the season."

Talking about New Heights' success, there's some contribution from Travis Kelce's girlfriend, Taylor Swift, as well. Ever since their romance began, the podcast's growth has skyrocketed. In fact, Travis Kelce acknowledged the Taylor Swift effect on the New Heights podcast.

Travis Kelce expresses Taylor Swift's effect on the New Heights podcast

During the same interview, Travis Kelce talked about welcoming new young audiences to New Heights. Most of them are young girls who also appear to be Taylor Swift fans. Sharing details about his new audience, Travis expressed:

"We do have a lot of new football fans coming in. So not just talking football like we would in the locker room, trying to, like, necessarily dumb it down or make it more simple so that everybody can follow along and still enjoy the show," Travis Kelce said. (27:54)

Not just Travis Kelce, but Patrick Mahomes' wife, Brittany Mahomes, feels the same about Taylor Swift. Brittany Mahomes recently expressed how she feels Taylor Swift has inspired many young girls to develop an interest in football over the last year.

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