"I don't view them as a competitor" - Troy Aikman makes his opinion clear on ManningCast 

Former UCLA/Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman
Former UCLA/Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman
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ESPN announced last week that their new Monday Night Football crew would consist of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

Buck and Aikman have been in the broadcasting booth together for over 20 years at FOX Sports, so it was somewhat of a shock that the two left.

Rumors had been circulating that Aikman wanted to leave FOX Sports (although he denied it), but no one knew if Joe Buck would follow.

Troy Aikman tells the SI MEDIA PODCAST that he still doesn't know why Fox let him go to ESPN, never had a conversation with his boss, never got an explanation on why Fox didn't re-sign him:

Now that Aikman is gone, some wonder if the Hall of Famer would be jealous of the ManningCast with Peyton and Eli Manning, and the answer is no.

Aikman said this about the ManningCast:

“I watched their show and I’ve loved it when I’ve watched it. But I watch the game more just because I could follow the game better. I think they bring something obviously that’s unique and different from any broadcast. They’ve got more leeway and freedom, which is a great alternative for people. My guess is they’re probably attracting people to Monday Night Football that otherwise wouldn’t be watching football. So I don’t view them as a competitor."

The ManningCast has been a fun way for fans to watch the game from the Mannings' perspective.

What Troy Aikman and Joe Buck bring to Monday Night Football

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys

Aikman and Buck were brought to ESPN because they are the voice of Sunday afternoon football, at least for the present generation.

They have been the leading voices of Sunday afternoon football, just like John Madden and Pat Summerall were for years. They both bring excitement and knowledge of the game to fans.

Aikman, who played with the Dallas Cowboys for many years, is not only opinionated but sometimes controversial in his commentary.

Reports earlier this year stated that Aikman was upset with FOX because he and Buck weren't assigned to cover the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers game, which turned out to be a great contest.

Aikman said during the broadcast:

"It's gonna be a great game. I mean, an excellent game. There's a lot of people that'd like to be calling that game."

Buck and Aikman covered the Tampa Bay Bucs' and the Philadelphia Eagles' games.

Aikman later denied being upset, saying:

"I was confused, quite honestly... I thought that there was a chance that we would be calling that game."

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