Tyreek Hill lawsuit: New court filings suggest Dolphins star 'didn't touch' Sophie Hall

Tyreek Hill lawsuit: New court filings suggest Dolphins star
Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill and Sophie Hall

Tyreek Hill is currently battling a lawsuit against Sophie Hall, who accused the wide receiver of hitting her and causing injury to her right leg. However, new court filings reveal that Sophie Hall's injury wasn't caused by Tyreek Hill.

According to a report by Daily Mail, Tyreek Hill's lawyers revealed that the Instagram model tripped her dog during a practice drill at wide receiver's Southwest Ranches in Florida home. Talking about the same, the new court filings state:

"Plaintiff consented to participating in a sports activity that involved contact and thus there was a good faith basis to believe that the plaintiff was aware of contact would be involved, despite in this case, plaintiff was not touched by [Hill] as she tripped over a dog. Plaintiffs alleged injuries or damages were pre-existing including her pre-existing knee issues."

Moreover, the report also suggests that Sophie Hall's injuries weren't new but pre-existing. The lawyers expect the Broward County judge to dismiss the case because the model failed to provide any viable legal cause to ask for potential punitive damages.

In February, Hall also filed a complaint stating that the model knocked Hill backward during their scrimmage in June last year. Due to that pushback, Hall claimed that the wide receiver charged at her with "great force." The model claimed damages of more than $50,000 for assault, battery, and negligence.

Tyreek Hill's layers explain how Sophie Hall failed to provide legally accepted medical documents supporting her injury

The new filings, as per reports by Daily Mail, also suggest that Tyreek Hill's lawyers asked for reports from the hospitals and doctors that Sophie Hall got her treatment for injury. However, the medical reports that were received contained no mention of any injury caused by the wide receiver.

"Plaintiff consented to physical contact during a sports activity and the associated actions as such there was no 'willful or malicious activity. Plaintiff wanted to participate in a football activity and she tripped over a dog which caused her injury," the new filing states.

Sophie Hall's lawsuit also includes claims that Tyreek Hill used to send "flirtatious" messages to the model on Instagram. The messages started the day she enrolled her son at the wide receiver's football camp in May 2023.

As the case continues to move forward, more new details will be released from both sides. However, Sophie Hall’s lawyers have yet to make any statement regarding recent revelations.

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