Watch: DeAndre Hopkins breaks ankles, two tackles to score TD

Arizona Cardinals vs Cleveland Browns
Arizona Cardinals vs Cleveland Browns

One of the reasons the Arizona Cardinals are doing so well this season is that they got DeAndre Hopkins on their side. DeAndre Hopkins has lit up this season and has given Kyler Murray and the Cardinals offense an outlet to take on all comers.

DeAndre Hopkins has passed Larry Fitzgerald for the most receptions in NFL history prior to a player’s 30th birthday with his 765th career catch.

He duly carried on his form against the match against the Cleveland Browns to score a touchdown that was equal parts skill and power.

Watch DeAndre Hopkins touchdown against the Browns

When DeAndre Hopkins received the ball for Kyler Murray, it did not look like much was on, and then he did this:

The best in the game for a reason 🔥 DeAndre Hopkins with the TD 💪 #RedSea

DeAndre Hopkins received the ball with his back to the end zone and turned. As he did so, a couple of defenders were converging on him.

He faked the pressure on his right foot and made it look as if he was speeding to the left. Within the blink of an eye, he had shifted his entire center of gravity and pushed off on his left foot towards the right. It left both defenders helpless on the floor, with one tripping over the other.

The situation was still not lost as others on the defense came to block him. That's when DeAndre Hopkins turned on the power game. First, one of the Browns defenders tackled him from behind and perhaps appropriately enough, DeAndre Hopkins made off with him hanging behind, forming a quasi-cape. If that wasn't enough, he then powered through another tackle, pushing both himself and the other defender into the end zone while scoring a touchdown.

It was a pivotal moment in the game as well. The Arizona Cardinals were leading the Cleveland Browns by just one score at the time. The catch was caught on third down, which meant that if it had not been converted, there is a good chance that the field goal unit would have come out. Instead, with one false step and then cutting to the other side, then showing tremendous strength to break two tackles, DeAndre Hopkins flipped the game on its head.

It allowed the Arizona Cardinals to build a solid lead in the first half of the game and kept their hopes alive for the last remaining unbeaten in the league going into next week. DeAndre Hopkins showed in that play what it means to be a top player: power, precision and most importantly, making plays when your teams need them the most.

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