Watch: Tom Brady dresses up as Santa and shows off his CRAZY surf-boarding skills

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady dressed as Santa Claus.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady dressed as Santa Claus.

Would you have ever imagined Tom Brady being dressed up as Santa Claus when he was with the New England Patriots? The answer is likely a hard no. But since Brady joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he's shown a side to him that's humorous and more fun than ever.

On Wednesday, the seven-time Super Bowl champion posted a video to Twitter that showed this side. Brady is dressed up as Santa Claus and is surfing. The video was a promotion for a pair of free sunglasses courtesy of the Christopher Cloos brand.

Watch: Tom Brady dresses up as Santa and shows off his crazy surf-boarding skills

Tom Brady's tweet shows off his impressive surfing skills.

The move from New England to Tampa Bay has certainly proved healthy for Brady. In Massachusetts, there aren't exactly plentiful opportunities to surf and learn how to surf. But in Tampa Bay, the weather is always inviting enough for a trip in the water, as the average high in December is 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tom Brady's Santa impression isn't too shabby either. That said, it's fair to wonder how many takes the commercial took to film.

The ad got a lot of attention, as the Danish sunglasses company will give away free sunglasses to some people who leave a comment on Brady's tweet. This instance of Brady having fun is just one example of him letting loose more around the holidays.

For Thanksgiving, Brady breaks his TB12 diet, which is incredibly strict and limiting. He's spoken openly about letting loose on Thanksgiving and stuffing his plate with as much food as possible.

Brady and his wife Giselle Bündchen are always in the public eye. But that doesn't stop Brady from posting about his family around the Christmas season. In 2020, Brady posted a picture of him and Giselle kissing under a mistletoe in the traditional Christmas spirit.

In the past, Brady's been generous in his gifts to his offensive lineman. He's bought iPads, watches, UGG boots, and even new cars for his offensive linemen in years past.

It appears the holiday season is bringing out Tom Brady's best side yet again. For as locked in and focused as a competitor as Brady is, he loves his family dearly. His ultra competitiveness is likely how he got to be so good at surfing. He also proved you're never too old to learn something new.

Brady is fortunate the Buccaneers aren't one of the four teams playing in the NFL's first-ever Christmas day games this season.

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