What about Dan Snyder? Was the NFL selective in singling out Jon Gruden's emails?

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder
Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder

Jon Gruden has officially resigned, but what about Dan Snyder?

The NFL world was shocked to learn that former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden used a racist trope in an email to former Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen in 2011.

In them, the former Raiders head coach referred to the Executive Director of the NFPLA, DeMaurice Smith, as "Dumboriss Smith" and said, "he has lips the size of Michelin [sic] tires."

Since then, more emails have surfaced in which Gruden used anti-gay slurs and misogynistic language to refer to female referees. Gruden has now resigned due to these emails resurfacing.

But what about Dan Snyder? Is he above all this?

Dan Snyder investigation: What are the allegations against WFT owner?

Many have questioned the merits of going after Jon Gruden, while Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder continues to operate with impunity.

Snyder has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple former cheerleaders but is yet to face any sanctions. The league investigated the matter, which led to Snyder's wife taking control of the team.

Jon Gruden’s offensive emails were selectively leaked from a trove of 650,000 emails collected by the NFL as part of its workplace misconduct inquiry of the Washington Football Team. Where are the rest of the toxic emails, including any that were sent or received by Dan Snyder?

The league should do its due diligence and reveal details of the emails sent to or from Dan Snyder. Where is Snyder's name in all this? Shouldn't he have his day in court as well? Why has Gruden only been named and let go as a result of this investigation?

Sure, Gruden is a lowly head coach, making a mere 10 million dollars a year, compared to Snyder, a billionaire who owns the WFT. Does that mean he is to be protected while Gruden has been effectively blackballed from the NFL?

Snyder's emails have not been or will likely not be revealed to the public. If the league wants to make an example out of Gruden, then Snyder should be right in the same place.

Gruden’s emails are gross and unsurprising, can we now see Dan Snyder’s emails?

Gruden resigned before his eventual firing. Snyder should not be allowed to remain in the league by any measure for this simple reason. If Gruden is gone, Snyder should follow.

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