Who is Zach Wilson's mom? Lisa Wilson subject to hateful messages from NFL fans

Lisa Wilson has been subject to some hateful messages in social media
Lisa Wilson has been subject to some hateful messages in social media

Playing for the New York Jets will always leave you facing scrutiny. Just ask Lisa Wilson, the mother of New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson.

The rookie is experiencing a rough start to his career, throwing five interceptions in his first two professional games, including four against the New England Patriots on Sunday.

Even though it's only Week 2 and the Jets' roster is below-average in terms of talent, playing in New York doesn't give you a pass in any circumstance. Fans made their feelings clear during the loss to the Patriots with loads of vitriol coming the Wilson family's way.

Wow. This has gotten ugly. Really LOUD boos for Jets rookie QB Zach Wilson after two straight overthrows, including one to a wide open RB Michael Carter in the flat.So much for patience.

It's perhaps not the best decision to boo a player during only his second start in his professional career, but that's how things work in New York, especially considering how long it has been since the Jets had success on the field. The fan base is impatient, and recent failures like Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, Christian Hackenberg and Sam Darnold accentuate their feelings.

Lisa Wilson on the receiving end of hateful messages two weeks in a row

That's still not an excuse to send hate towards a person, whether it's a player, somebody who works for the organization or even their families.

Lisa Wilson has a pretty strong follower base, with over 38k followers on Instagram, where she shares details about her life, her family and, of course, her favorite quarterback. But since things haven't gone so well for the Jets' offense in the first two weeks, people have been calling her out on social media.

Zach Wilson’s mom told him to always side with Patriots.
zach wilson mom needs to whoop him at half time cause boy aint no way boy
Zach Wilson’s mom is trying to call the manager after this performance

According to this report from TMZ, her Instagram account has been receiving hateful messages as well.

One of the messages Lisa got was from a guy named Chase saying, "Your son is a**" -- and she responded, "Praying for your angry hateful heart!"
The "fan" didn't stop there -- he hit her back with, "praying for your son to get better at f**king football!"

This kind of disturbing behavior has no place in sports, which are supposed to be a fun, thrilling experience for all ages. It's ok to be upset or disappointed at somebody's performance, but the level of hate directed towards the people involved on and off the field has escalated in recent times.

New England Patriots v New York Jets
New England Patriots v New York Jets

Who is Lisa Wilson?

Lisa is kind of a social media influencer with her 38k Instagram followers. She calls herself a fitness fanatic, a home builder and an intuitive cook. Apart from Zach Wilson, she has five other kids.

She graduated from Utah University and is a businesswoman with her own clothing business. Lisa has been a frequent hot topic on social media because of her strong support and words for her son, Zach.

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