Why was Antonio Brown trending alongside Overtime Megan? All you need to know about ex-Buccaneers WR’s latest controversy

Are former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown and Tik Tok influencer Overtime Megan a couple?
Are former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown and Tik Tok influencer Overtime Megan a couple?

Antonio Brown is currently embattled in more than one controversy at the moment. The first being that he is currently still wanted by the Tampa Police Department on domestic violence charges. He is currently accused of threatening his ex-fiancée, who is the mother of three of his children, and throwing items at her. The other is that he has taken to social media while apparently still locked in a home in Tampa that he refuses to leave to turn himself into authorities.


This week, he posted a photo of himself in bed with an unidentified woman. While many started the rumor that it was Tom Brady's ex-wife Gisele Bundchen, that theory became just that. It was then rumored that it was TikTok influencer Megan Eugenio, or "Overtime Megan."

The influencer took to social media to state that it was not her in the photo that Brown posted to Snapchat. She stated that she couldn't believe that people believed it was her and that she couldn't believe she needed to say it, but that it wasn't her.

Who is Antonio Brown dating now?

With the recent events surrounding Antonio Brown and the fact that the Tampa Police Department is waiting outside of his house for him to emerge, it's hard to think about his relationship status. But, as in true AB fashion, he took to social media this week and acted as if nothing was wrong.

Bundchen and Overtime Megan weren't the women in his Snapchat post, so that puts dating rumors involving either of them to rest. However, the former NFL wide receiver is apparently dating model Cydney Moreau, who is apparently the mystery woman in the post.

It's not clear how long Brown and Moreau have been dating or if she has been in the Tampa home with him the entire time. She is a fitness influencer on Instagram and is a former Division-I Track and Field athlete.

Who is Overtime Megan Eugenio dating now?

The 22-year-old graduated from Pace University and has worked with the sports website overtime for several years. A lot of her content on social media is sports-based and features her attending professional sporting events and interviewing athletes.


While it's clear who she isn't currently dating, it is speculated that Overtime Megan is dating Cole Schwindt. He is a 21-year-old NHL prospect who currently plays forward for the Calgary Wranglers, the minor league affiliate for the Calgary Flames.

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