"Why you f*****g with our hearts and minds man" - Tom Brady's latest social media post sends Patriots and Falcons fans into frenzy

Tom Brady trolls fans with his latest post | Image Credit: Tom Brady/Twitter
Tom Brady trolls fans with his latest post | Image Credit: Tom Brady/Twitter

Tampa Bay Buccaneers superstar Tom Brady has embraced being an expert troll on social media. From promising a fan to hand deliver a used pair of Brady Brand underwear to asking billionaire Elon Musk to get rid of his infamous combine picture from Twitter forever, the quarterback has showcased more of his fun persona on social media over the past two years.

However, his latest post on social media may be his best work yet. Brady shared a photo posing with former teammates Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, and Danny Amendola in New England Patriots gear and captioned the post:

"BREAKING NEWS: Nah just kidding, we did get the band back together to shoot 80 for Brady though."
BREAKING NEWS: Nah just kidding, we did get the band back together to shoot 80 for Brady though.

As the caption suggested, the photo was a behind-the-scenes look from an upcoming comedy movie called 80 for Brady. The plot revolves around four senior friends taking a road trip to Houston to watch the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI.

Brady, Edelman, and Amendola played a crucial role in helping the Patriots overturn a 28-3 deficit and beat the Falcons 34-28 to help the franchise win the Lombardi trophy for the fifth time. Gronkowski did not feature in the game as he was sidelined with an injury.

Patriots and Falcons fans' hearts skip a beat after Tom Brady's latest post

The image of Tom Brady and his former teammates posing in Patriots gear and the caption starting with "BREAKING NEWS" caught plenty of fans off guard for a second or two.

As one fan put it, it was the biggest scare he received:

@TomBrady @RobGronkowski @DannyAmendola @Edelman11 Brady, you gave me the biggest scare dawg

One Patriots fan did not appreciate Brady playing with his emotions:

Another begged the Buccaneers star to finish his career where he started it:


@TomBrady @RobGronkowski @DannyAmendola @Edelman11 Tommmmmmyyyy, why you fucking with our hearts and minds man. I’d love for you all to be back for one more year. Please finish with the Patriots. You’re a Patriot forever man!!

One fan wanted the quarterback to take the jersey off immediately:

@TomBrady @RobGronkowski @DannyAmendola @Edelman11 Take it off, you’re a buccaneer first

One Twitter user thought Brady had changed his mind about retiring for a second time this offseason:

@TomBrady @RobGronkowski @DannyAmendola @Edelman11 Thought this was another retirement announcement lol

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One fan had a response that everyone on social media could hear as soon as they read it:

🎶 emotional damage 🎶…

Some New England natives are just happy to catch another glimpse of Brady and the boys in Patriots colors:

@TomBrady @RobGronkowski @DannyAmendola @Edelman11 I’m just happy to see you guys in pats merch tbh

One Falcons fan did not enjoy Brady reminding them about Super Bowl LI:

@TomBrady @RobGronkowski @DannyAmendola @Edelman11 Me, a Falcons fan, seeing Brady is making a movie about SB 51.

Miles Garrett, a Fox reporter, based in Atlanta, also isn't a fan of Tom Brady starring in a movie about Super Bowl LI:

Oh they’re now making a movie about Super Bowl 51? Great. Cool. Wonderful. Sure it will be an instant classic.…

The film, which stars Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field as the main protagonists, began filming in March 2022 and is expected to be released later this year or early 2023.

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