Zac Stacy's ex-girlfriend fears for her life as former NFL star gets bail

Kristin Evans and Zac Stacy. Image credit: Wesh2
Kristin Evans and Zac Stacy. Image credit: Wesh2

The Zac Stacy situation is still far from over. The former St. Louis Rams and New York Jets running back has been released from a Florida jail after posting a $10,000 bond on Friday, allowing him to return to the street.

Kristin Evans and her attorney are requesting a judge's reversion from the decision to allow Stacy to post bond. Evans says she doesn't feel safe with Stacy being free again.

Evans was assaulted by Stacy on Saturday, November 13, and videos showing the punches and shoving were released by a friend of hers during the week. The former running back was arrested on Thursday at the Orlando International Airport and received charges of aggravated assault and criminal mischief.

Beating up your woman doesn’t make you strong it makes you weak. We as men are supposed to protect our Queens not use them as a punching bag. If you look at that Zac Stacy video and don’t get angry, sad and bothered there is something wrong with you. When is his sentencing?

Kristin Evans says she fears for her life after Stacy's release

Stacy appeared in court for the first time on Friday, and his release was granted by a jury following a $10,150 bond. Evans said she planned to attend the hearing, but was unable to be present because the audience was moved to an earlier time.

*Warning: Graphic content*

Home video captures former NFL running back Zac Stacy savagely beating the mother of his child & throwing her around like a rag doll in Florida. The child was just feet away. Zac Stacy played for St. Louis Rams & the Jets.

According to her, the attacks escalated last year, starting when she became pregnant with his child. She stated that she forgave him because she wanted him to be present:

“It’s overwhelming to think back,” Evans said. “I loved this man and we had life plans together. The physical abuse began in May. I didn’t report it. I was pregnant at the time. I wanted my son’s dad to be there for me and for the birth of his first child. So I forgave him. He has bullied me for so long that at one point, I believed it was my fault. It’s disturbing and disgusting to see things people have said online about what did I do. I did nothing. I never did anything to deserve something like this — no one could do anything to deserve something like this.”

Her attorney, Thomas Feiter, has pointed out that he disagrees with the judge's decision to grant him bail, stating "that just doesn’t seem right especially given the fact the judge saw the video. He saw this horrific video of blatant egregious domestic violence committed on our client"

I’m not retweeting the video but ZAC STACY NEED TO BE THROWN UNDER THE JAIL. Any man that puts his hands on a woman is a coward. Can’t believe what I just saw.

Feiter plans to file an emergency motion to reverse Stacy's bond release, hoping to raise the number and put him on electronic monitoring in case he's released.

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