NFL commercial: "Football is for Everyone" shows strength for Carl Nassib 

Las Vegas Raiders DL Carl Nassib
Las Vegas Raiders DL Carl Nassib

Carl Nassib came out as the NFL's first gay active player and has received a ton of support on and off the field. The NFL took their help for Nassib to another level on Monday.

The NFL released a new commercial Monday stating, "Football is gay," and "football is for everyone." This spoke volumes to the amount of support and respect that the league has for Carl Nassib and the LGBTQ+ community.

The full video reads as follows:

"Football is gay, football is lesbian, football is beautiful, football is queer, football is life, football is exciting, football is culture, football is transgender, football is queer, football is heart, football is power, football is tough, football is bisexual, football is strong, football is freedom, football is American, football is accepting, football is everything, football is for everyone."

Carl Nassib's decision to come out as openly gay has become the best decision of his life. All the love and respect that has come from the NFL and NFL fans is remarkable. A week later, Nassib is still receiving support, which is fantastic and speaks volumes about the NFL.

Here's how NFL fans are reacting to the new NFL video about football being for everyone.

How are NFL fans reacting to the "football is for everyone" video?

NFL Logo
NFL Logo

The NFL has received a lot of reactions to their recent video about football being for everyone. Some of the responses have been positive, with most positive reactions pointing towards Carl Nassib. Conversely, adverse reactions have been pointed towards Colin Kaepernick.

One comment on the NFL's Twitter post says, "Football is for everyone," except Colin Kaepernick. Another fan commented "Kaepernick" in all capital letters for five straight lines. So the NFL had to know that not all feedback was going to be positive.

Unfortunately, social media is unpredictable, and NFL fans never shy away from telling their true feelings, which is one reason why it's not surprising that Colin Kaepernick's name was brought into the conversation.

The National Football League left themselves wide open for comments by saying football is for everyone. Their message was strong, and the majority of individuals knew what the NFL was trying to prove.

Unfortunately, until Colin Kaepernick is back in the NFL, the comments about him getting another chance will continue. Social media comments have clouded a positive statement made by the NFL.

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Edited by Rohit Mishra
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