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NFL: Drew Brees' Retirement Update

Drew Brees
Drew Brees
Modified 23 Feb 2021

Drew Brees will soon retire from the NFL. No one knows when though, and it's been a hot topic in football for weeks now. Brees came up short to fellow "elder" Tom Brady, and the Bucs in the divisional round last month, and since then, football fans have been eagerly waiting for his word one way or another.

Drew Brees is still a Saint... For now

On the books, Brees is still the New Orleans Saints' starting quarterback. However, in a rather clever move, he recently agreed to have his salary reduced from $25 million down to the league minimum for veterans, $1.075 million. No other marquee player in the league has ever taken a pay cut that large, to then continue playing the following season. This is why many of those in the know see this contract change as the clearest sign that Drew Brees will indeed, retire.

Be warned though, there are some out there that have been waving "false flags", in regards to Drew Brees' decision. This tweet below, while still an active post (and even contains ESPN insider Adam Schefter's Twitter tag), has been confirmed false.

Is Brees too old to keep going?

At 42 years of age, Drew Brees is only the second-oldest QB in the league behind the aforementioned Tom Brady who stands tall at 43 years young.


Ever since both passers approached age 40, fans have been asking every year whether or not these guys are getting too old for such a rough sport. Brady just won the Super Bowl, beating Drew Brees in the process, so why couldn't Brees also contend? Some argue that if not for Brady himself, maybe Brees would've at least gotten to the big game, for the second time in his Hall of Fame career.

To be transparent, Drew Brees had a tougher go of it this past season, than Brady in comparison. While his counterpart started and played in every single game this year, Brees was plagued by injuries the last two years. The most notable setback being several broken ribs and a collapsed lung in Week 10, this past season. He missed nearly a month from taking hits that could certainly end a player's career. He did, however, manage to throw for just under 3,000 yards (2,942), 24 touchdowns, and only 6 interceptions, playing in 12 total games this year.

Drew Brees, of the New Orleans Saints
Drew Brees, of the New Orleans Saints

Is there really a chance that Drew Brees will come back?


Drew Brees hasn't officially announced his retirement yet, so we can still say that he's going to play next year. But, when you take into account what he's contracted to earn now, you can't fully imagine that he'll play for that little bit of cash, compared to what he's rightfully earned until now. It's also possible that the Saints front office could easily renegotiate his contract to a more suitable number after the team is done with all their salary cap maneuvering. Keep in mind that some haven't quite given up on him, yet.

Published 23 Feb 2021, 10:49 IST
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