"Troy is f**king shredded" - NFL fans react to former Cowboys QB Troy Aikman's ripped physique at the age of 55

Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints
Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints
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Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman is living his best life post-football. The 55-year-old is now a member of ESPN after switching over from FOX. He has a number of business ventures and is still in the shape of his life.

Aikman posted a picture of himself and his former head coach Jimmy Johnson on a boat together at a Florida beach.

As expected, once the photo of Aikman and Johnson made its way around the social media world, a lot of NFL fans had their say on the Hall of Fame quarterback's physique.

One fan commented and said that he looks "f**king shredded."

@ParisaMichelle Troy is fucking shredded. met him a couple weeks back and it's wild how big he is

Another fan echoed the same comments about the 55-year-old.

Another fan said that the Hall of Fame quarterback looked like a college kid on spring break.

@ParisaMichelle Troy looks like a college kid on spring break lol

A fan named Andrew tagged a friend in the post and said that Johnson and Aikman are in better shape than the two of them.

@ParisaMichelle @JmunTrey Troy AND Jimmy are in better shape than us

A fan named Nick simply said: "This is freaking awesome."

@ParisaMichelle This is freaking awesome

A user named Patrick said, "Damn Troy jacked."

@ParisaMichelle Damn troy jacked

A Twitter user compared himself to the legendary pair.

@ParisaMichelle Dude…wtf i look like a liter pile of shit…

A fan named Makr had a jibe for Jerry Jones, saying the pair's dominance was ruined by the owner.

@ParisaMichelle Ruined by Jerry

Another Twitter user had the same thoughts, saying the franchise could have won four or five Super Bowls had the pair stayed together.

@ParisaMichelle They really had a team that might have won 4 of 5 or maybe 5 in a row 😔

Another user said the pair were living their best lives.

Cowboys could use legendary pair

NFL Hall of Fame Centennial Class of 2020
NFL Hall of Fame Centennial Class of 2020

We all remember what Dallas was like in the 90s, and today's version could use the pair. It is not a knock on Dak Prescott or Mike McCarthy, but the Cowboys of late have left a lot to be desired.


Mike McCarthy's time management has been poor, to say the least, with many media personalities saying as much. Dak Prescott has shown great abilities as a quarterback but has failed to live up to the hype of his huge contract.

Despite the Cowboys having a 12-5 record last year and a home playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers, they were bundled out of the postseason.


Heading into the 2022 season, Dallas is considerably weaker than it was in 2021. They first lost Amari Cooper to Cleveland and then Randy Gregory to Denver after the front office tried to get cute with language in the contract.

Many Cowboys fans want a return to the glory days of the 90s, with Aikman and Johnson as it was, success after success. Now, though, they have to deal with a Cowboys team that gets all the coverage a team could need, but never backs it up on the field.

Will 2022 be different? Time will tell.

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