"Freaking drama queen" - NFL fans mixed bunch speculating about Aaron Rodgers' cryptic social media post

NFL fans mixed bunch speculating about Aaron Rodgers' cryptic social media post
NFL fans mixed bunch speculating about Aaron Rodgers' cryptic social media post

Could Aaron Rodgers be retiring from the game of football soon? One may think so after his most recent Instagram post.

Late last night, the Packers quarterback placed a lengthy post on Instagram thanking former and current teammates for the time they've spent together.

The rumors have gone on and on since the Packers' divisional round loss to the 49ers. Will he force a trade and want to play elsewhere? Or will he stick around to play with Green Bay again next season?

This is what the football world has been wondering for the last month and a half, and his recent Instagram post has led many to believe he is leaning towards retirement.

Fans have mixed opinions about Rodgers' post and what it means. Some think it's just for attention, while others are happy he's out of their division.

@gsemike is tired of Rodgers being a drama queen and wants him to retire already.

Just go already Aaron Rodgers. Freaking drama queen.

Packers offensive lineman David Bakhtiari responded to the news with a funny GTA meme, referring to the offseason attention the Packers will receive around this.

@Carlie101 had a unique response, saying that Rodgers will be on the McAfee Show to address people misinterpreting his message.

@MySportsUpdate @DynastyDorks He’ll be on the Pat McAfee show in a few days acting shocked that anyone took it to mean retirement or that he’s leaving Green Bay (“people just read too much into things”).

@Sanaynayff responded by saying this is the time of the year for all offseason speculation.

@MySportsUpdate ‘Tis the season for all the speculation…

@PrimeDree says Rodgers is doing this for attention and can't go a week without being in headlines.

@MySportsUpdate Just wants more attention 💀 can’t go a week without being in the headlines

@cujoknows is another person who thinks Rodgers did this for attention.

@MySportsUpdate Just seeking more attention. #Diva

@BayCounsel also gets the indication that this seems more like a retirement message.

A very interesting message of thanks and gratitude being sent out tonight by Rodgers. The McAfee show is tomorrow - is there a chance that this is the preamble to a potential announcement coming soon? The vibe from the message sounds more like retirement than anything else.…

@Westremembers responded by saying all eyes on the Pat McAfee show tomorrow since Rodgers will be making an appearance on it.

All eyes will be on the Pat McAfee Show tomorrow.…

@GavinRonk thinks it's an end of an era in Green Bay and thanked Rodgers.

Officially end of an era 😭 love you forever 12 🟢🟡…

@s_mickey23 can't fathom whether Rodgers is retiring or not.

If this is real I’m calling off work right now and drinking 9 million beers…

@ninernate49 thinks Rodgers will be a Bronco after this message.

I think Aaron Rogers will be a Bronco…

Whether he retires or gets traded, it seems unlikely that the 38-year-old will be a Packer next season.

Aaron Rodgers' picture of Davante Adams and Randall Cobb leads people to think he's out of Green Bay

Wild Card Round - Green Bay Packers v Washington Redskins
Wild Card Round - Green Bay Packers v Washington Redskins

In the final picture of the post, there's a photo of Randall Cobb and Davante Adams with an empty space between them (from the game the quarterback missed this season due to COVID-19.)

The Packers signal-caller typically stands between Cobb and Adams during the national anthem. This could be a subliminal message from the quarterback, showing what the future in Green Bay could look like without him.

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