"NFL should hire Colin Kaepernick back to clean up their act" - American TV host baffled by Jon Gruden's emails

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams
San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams
Ian Van Roy

While Colin Kaepernick waits patiently for a shot at a job, Jon Gruden's situation is the story of the mid-season and it isn't going away any time soon. The story is getting comments from seemingly every media outlet, even outlets that do not follow the NFL.

TV hosts wonder if Jon Gruden situation will get Colin Kaepernick over the hump in job search

Even "The View," a mainstream talk show that airs during the day, commented on the NFL. Typically, the talkshow program touches on topics regarding celebrity gossip, interviews with celebrities, and comments on trending mainstream news stories.

Well, Jon Gruden's situation broke out of the depths of ESPN and other such sports oriented media into the mainstream. No matter what news program someone turned on over the last several days, they were talking about this story.

As a result, everyone has been giving their own two cents on the issue, including "The View" show hosts Joy Behar, Sara Haines, and Sunny Hostin.

Joy Behar, Sara Haines, and Sunny Hostin pointed out a hypocritical stance by the NFL on the subject of ostracizing Jon Gruden but continuing to blackball Colin Kaepernick. Behar set the stage for the idea by quickly explaining the Jon Gruden situation on "The View":

“The scandal at the NFL keeps getting worse. Raiders coach Jon Gruden was forced to resign after years of his racist, homophobic and misogynist emails were found while investing the toxic work environment in yet another organization, The Washington Football Team.”

Sara Haines agreed and elaborated on their experience as a member of the working public.

“This was troping at the lowest level. We can’t say these words. We were reminded 15 times not to. But most of us don’t have it on the tip of our tongue anyway.”

Behar alluded to the Gruden situation as the NFL is attempting to stamp out racism:

“I would think if they really wanna clean up their act, they should hire Colin Kaepernick. I mean, why is he out of a job while all of this is going on?”
Cancel Culture is not what Jon Gruden did to himself. Cancel Culture is what the ENTIRE NFL OWNERSHIP did to Colin Kaepernick.

Hostin responded by explaining Kaepernick's contribution to the fight against racism:

“Because he stood up to racism. He stood up for everything that I think that they wanted to keep hidden and because he stood up to the very culture that still exists in the NFL.”

Behar's response sets the stage for the next big hope for Colin Kaepernick finally landing a job in the league after so many years.

“But, wouldn’t that be a good way to clean the palate?”

The hosts' position is that the NFL took a hard stance with Jon Gruden because they felt they had to. At the same time that Gruden is being ousted, the rest of the league's existing problems are quietly bubbling below the surface.

It is only after these massive, national news stories making the rounds that change happened.

The hosts' tacit position is that the NFL isn't actively rooting out racism. They are only dealing with the biggest examples of it.

One way the NFL could win over the public and the media in this regard is to have a no tolerance policy for all criminal and racist behavior and severely punish those that violate the policy.

One such step here would be to rehire Colin Kaepernick and immediately bar behaviors deemed a menace to society. That said, rehiring Kaepernick would not mean that he could go back to the San Francisco 49ers.

The situation for the team has changed and they simply don't have a use for him. But he could at least make his way back into being considered for a position in the league.

Colin Kaepernick has kept himself occupied during his years-long wait for a team to take him. While he hasn't settled into a 9-5 job, he's kept busy with magazine shoots, interviews, and appearances while staying active in his commitment to attack racism.

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks

But there are plenty of teams who could use a new backup quarterback. Kaepernick's scrambling ability would fit perfectly with the Ravens. The Seahawks will miss Russell Wilson over the next month or so due to a finger injury, and he could fill in as a temporary replacement (if he isn't too rusty).

Put simply, the league has a spot for his talents. Will Gruden's situation urge them to reconsider?

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