NFL News Roundup - Roger Goodell provides update on investigation regarding Dan Snyder and Deshaun Watson; Cam Newton looks to launch new football league to rival NFL and more - 30 March 2022

The NFL has found itslef embroiled in a lot of controversy over the past few weeks
The NFL has found itslef embroiled in a lot of controversy over the past few weeks
Souryadeep Mazumder

The 2022 NFL offseason rolls on with multiple compelling storylines to follow. Be it blockbuster trades, free agency moves or off-the-field controversies, the league has had us glued to our seats.

With more breaking news emerging every day, we look at some of the storylines you should look out for.

Roger Goodell says league investigation into Deshaun Watson and Dan Snyder still ongoing

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been on the hotseat for some time due to multiple off-the-field controversies. While he has remained largely quiet about these issues, he took questions from the media at the conclusion of the Annual League Meeting.

First, Goodell addressed the league's ongoing investigation regarding the Washington Commanders franchise owned by Dan Snyder. According to Goodell, Snyder is not taking part in any daily operations of the franchise. His wife, Tanya, is said to have stepped into the role of representing ownership of the Commanders.

Roger Goodell says #Commanders owner Dan Snyder “has not been involved in day to day operations, don’t believe he’s been at the team facility at all.” Wife Tanya Snyder represented club here at league meetings. Goodell says he foresees that setup “for the foreseeable future.”

Goodell then moved on to address the controversy regarding Deshaun Watson. The new Browns quarterback didn't play a single game last season as 22 women pressed charges of sexual misconduct against him. While two grand juries have refused to indict the former Texans star, the NFL commissioner said that if Watson was found to be in violation of the league's personal conduct policy, then it would trigger disciplinary action.


Goodell also added that the commissioner's exempt list would not be in play for Watson.

Cam Newton NFL return rumors and interest in starting new football league

Former New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton claimed that he is drawing interest from other NFL teams. As a free agent, Newton is free to sign with any franchise he wishes, but he also said that he wishes to remain patient and make the right move for his career:

“I have teams that are interested in signing me... I am waiting on the best fit as it pertains to winning a championship and getting a fair chance to play.”

The former MVP has played 11 seasons in the league. But if all else fails, it seems that Newton has a backup plan. According to NFL insider Adam Schefter, Newton is partnering with Overtime to launch a 7-v-7 football league called OT7.

Overtime — which launched the Overtime Elite basketball league last year — is now partnering with free-agent QB Cam Newton on a new 7-on-7 football league called OT7, designed to appeal to Next-Gen and college football fans. League launches in June.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones alleges paternity lawsuit an extortion attempt

Once again, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones finds himself in hot water. This time, Jones has been accused of fathering a child out of wedlock.

Twenty-five-year-old Alexandra Davis, a Congressional aide, has filed a paternity suit claiming Jones is her biological father. Jones, though, apparently claims it to be extortion, something which Davis' lawyer denies.

Andrew A. Bergman, Davis' attorney, said this about Jones' claim that his client is extorting money from Jones and the Cowboys:

"I would challenge Jerry Jones to put up any evidence that anyone demanded any money, period. It's a shame that Jerry Jones wants to further damage his own daughter by now claiming she is extorting him. I challenge them to put up any evidence that supports either one of these defamatory and false claims."

The suit also claims that Jones set up two trust funds for Davis and her mother. Allegedly, he paid the mother and her daughter $375,000 back in 1995 to conceal his identity as her father.

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