What must the Broncos do to continue their undefeated season against the Baltimore Ravens?

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens
Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens
Ian Van Roy

The Denver Broncos are showing some friskiness to start off the 2021 season after a 3-0 start. However, doubters are already skeptical because the Broncos haven't faced any teams with wins as of yet. The Broncos have a chance this weekend to take a big leap towards legitimacy with a win over the Baltimore Ravens, who defeated the high-powered Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2.

This week's matchup against the Ravens will not be as easy as it's been over the last three weeks. This game figures to be a slugfest for all four quarters. Here's how the Broncos can defeat the Ravens and take a jump up in the NFL power rankings.

How the Broncos can get their biggest win of the season

Offense Strategies

The Broncos are currently not at full strength. Their offensive line may be missing a few starters with guard Graham Glascow being ruled out and guard Dalton Risner questionable with an ankle injury. That means quarterback Teddy Bridgewater could be facing more pressure than he's seen all season.

To negate this, the Broncos have to establish a quick passing game. If Bridgewater holds the ball for more than a few seconds, there could be a problem.

A brief Teddy Bridgewater story from his teammate Justin Simms IG page.....

Additionally, Bridgewater should not force passes deep down the field unless the team is facing at least a ten-point deficit. As long as Bridgewater keeps most passes less than 15 yards down the field, he will minimize stress on an offense that is also without starting receivers Jerry Jeudy and K.J. Hamler.

That means tight ends Noah Fant and Albert Okwuegbunam and receivers Tim Patrick and Courtland Sutton must step up for Bridgewater in this important AFC matchup.

"You are good enough to win, or you are not. ... Fangio's team has been just about flawless."

The offense also needs to run the ball. The Broncos have two solid running backs in Melvin Gordon and Javonte Williams. If they can keep the clock running, they can shorten the game and minimize the number of possessions Lamar Jackson will have. That will help keep the score low, which is when the Broncos have excelled this season.

Defensive Strategies

The Denver Broncos will have their hands full with Lamar Jackson's scrambling ability. To help counter this, the Broncos need to have a designated spy on Jackson for virtually every play. The spy needs to be someone who is fast enough to keep Jackson somewhat contained. Ideally, a cornerback could work as a spy to help minimize Jackson's ability to rush up the field for big gains.

The Ravens are currently dealing with an injury to their left tackle position. That bodes well for Broncos star linebacker Von Miller, who is playing some of the best football of his career. After coming off an injury last season, Miller has four sacks in the last three games. Miller could be in prime position for a strip-sack or timely sack that could change the shape of the game.

Baltimore Ravens v Denver Broncos
Baltimore Ravens v Denver Broncos

Overall, the goal for the defense should be to force the Ravens into 3rd and long situations as often as possible. They need to limit gains on first and second downs to force Jackson to throw deep against this secondary.

Jackson's ability to throw the football isn't his strongest asset, which is obviously his scrambling ability. If the Broncos can force Jackson to beat them with his arm, they may go into week five undefeated.

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