Will Von Miller return to Broncos in 2022?

Arizona Cardinals v Denver Broncos
Arizona Cardinals v Denver Broncos
Ian Van Roy

Monday was an emotional day for Von Miller and Broncos Country as the franchise pass-rusher was informed that he had been traded to the Los Angeles Rams. Miller was exchanged for a second- and third-round pick in 2022.

Miller took Monday to soak in the news and say his goodbyes to the coaching staff, teammates, and the front office that he had done so much for.

During the course of his goodbyes, the linebacker sat down in front of a camera in his home to record a goodbye message to his fans. During the ten-minute talk, Miller repeatedly touched on the idea of him returning to Denver in 2022.

His contract will be up at the end of the season and so the pass-rusher could technically return to the team if he wants. However, will this happen?

3 reasons why Von Miller will not return to Denver next season

#1 - Timing

The timing of Von Miller's pitch to return to Denver came at a time when the linebacker was emotionally frazzled. Just hours after having his world turned on its head, Miller was quite raw.

He was openly emotional during an interview with the press that day. Put simply, Miller's mind wasn't thinking practically or about anything other than the pain of leaving a place he lived for ten years.

“You gotta be shi**ing me.”- Sean McVay, when first told of the possibility of acquiring Von Miller.

At 32 years old, Miller has spent about a third of his life in Denver. Now, at the end of that time, when someone else forced him to move, it is clear that Miller is getting separation anxiety.

It came through in the video quite clearly and was a reason for pitching the idea of his return.

#2 - Settling into Los Angeles

Once Miller gets settled in Los Angeles, his anxieties and home-sickness will have passed. He'll have a place with his new teammates and will be sitting in a comfortable spot.

At that point, the idea of tearing it all up and returning to where he used to live would feel weird and would take more effort than staying put.

Von Miller thanked—by name—more than 50 Broncos players, coaches and staff in a series of videos filmed at his home this afternoon by the Broncos’ digital team.At every level of organization, @VonMiller had meaningful personal relationships built over his decade with the team.…

If the Rams offer Miller a new contract, it would be easier to keep the status quo rather than go out of his way to ask Denver to consider him. Put simply, once the effort to make the change has happened, it will be hard to put in the same effort to put things back to where they were.

#3 - Success breeds contentment

The Broncos haven't been to the playoffs in five years. They've been arguably the worst team in the AFC West in that time.

For Miller, going to the Rams will be a refreshing change of pace in ways he's likely forgotten. Once he gets a taste of playoff wins and potentially a Super Bowl ring, will he want to undo all of that and return to Denver?

At that point, returning to Denver will feel like a regression.

Washington Redskins v Denver Broncos
Washington Redskins v Denver Broncos

Once Miller realizes that he can relive the Peyton Manning years in Los Angeles, he likely may not want to leave. With Aaron Donald and Leonard Floyd helping up front, he won't face double-teams nearly as often.

In Los Angeles, Miller will have the stats, vibes, and playoff lifestyle of when he was in his prime with the Broncos.

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