NFL trade rumors: What can the New England Patriots get for a Jarrett Stidham-N'Keal Harry package?

Jarrett Stidham
Jarrett Stidham

It's not quite a summer of upheaval for the New England Patriots, but there are a couple of names in the rumor mill.

Jarrett Stidham and N'Keal Harry are the two names most likely to draw a little bit of interest after being placed on the trading block. As in any trade, the New England Patriots are dreaming of fattening their draft wallet. However, what will the market say? Will the market need to work some sense into the Patriots? Here's what Stidham and Harry are worth and why.

What the New England Patriots have in Jarrett Stidham and N'Keal Harry

The New England Patriots have two young players they may be willing to ship in Stidham and Harry. Here's what teams would be getting with their acquisition.

Jarrett Stidham had the NFL world taking a collective gasp after he was picked by the New England Patriots while Tom Brady was on the team. In that moment in the fourth round, it seemed as if Stidham would eventually be Tom Brady's successor. He was picked late in the draft as a quarterback, similar to how Brady was picked in the sixth round.

However, Stidham has only played eight games ever since. In his career, Stidham has thrown two touchdowns and four interceptions. He did have a golden opportunity to learn under the watchful eye of Tom Brady. That said, when Cam Newton was throwing more interceptions than touchdowns, the Patriots elected to keep the kid on the bench.

At only 24, Stidham is still quite young. He could entice teams as a young project at backup quarterback, one who learned from Tom Brady.

N'Keal Harry, meanwhile, is not as valuable because he is a receiver. He also does not have much working for him on the statsheet.

Since being drafted in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft, Harry has failed to impress. In 2019, Harry caught only 12 passes for 105 yards and two touchdowns. In 2020, Harry caught only 33 balls for 309 yards and two touchdowns.

Remember, this is not a receiver on a loaded Kansas City Chiefs or Los Angeles Rams team. N'Keal Harry was supposed to help lead an already lethargic passing game that ranked 30th in passing yards per game in 2020. Put simply, he did not live up to the hype.


What are they worth?

Jarrett Stidham was "purchased" with a fourth-round draft pick. He hasn't gotten much better or worse in his time with the New England Patriots. As a fourth-round pick, it is implied that he is going to take some work to develop. Other teams have also not been able to get an in-person look at what he is truly capable of.

However, as a young quarterback, he holds some value in the NFL. He's likely worth a sixth-round pick as a quarterback who needs a lot of work but could be more than decent one day. With Cam Newton and Mac Jones on the roster, the QB room in New England is crowded, meaning the Patriots will be forced to cut him if they can't find a place to trade him.

Other teams know this and will negotiate the Patriots' price down.


N'Keal Harry is also quite young and two seasons into his NFL career. However, he has been a disappointment so far.

That said, his age still holds value on the off chance that he can figure it out and become an asset. Unlike Stidham, though, the Patriots can stuff Harry down the depth chart if there's no trade interest in him. Therefore, the Patriots have a little more leverage with him.

Harry is worth about a fifth-round pick. The two are worth a fifth-round pick and a sixth-round pick separately. What if they are bundled together? As a general rule, bundles typically mean a deal for the receiving side.

N'Keal Harry
N'Keal Harry

Combined, the two would be worth a fifth-round pick and a sixth-round pick. Alternatively, if the Patriots were to get lucky and find a suitor in a desperate position, they may be able to finagle a single fourth-round pick for Stidham and Harry.

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