NFL Trade Rumors: What did the Chicago Bears offer Seattle Seahawks for Russell Wilson?

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson
Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson
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Modified 16 Apr 2021

The Chicago Bears agreed to sign former back up quarterback Andy Dalton on Tuesday. This came right after the Bears struck out on acquiring the Seattle Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson. Wilson had four teams on his list that he wanted to be traded to.

The Chicago Bears made a strong push for Wilson but were told that the Seattle Seahawks were not interested in trading Russell Wilson at this time. Chicago had the mindset of its either Russell Wilson or bust. Unfortunately, they had to settle for Andy Dalton.

It had been mentioned that the Chicago Bears were putting together a package that the Seahawks could not refuse. It makes the Bears fan base wonder, what did the Bears offer the Seahawks for Russell Wilson?

NFL Trade Rumors: Did Chicago Bears offer the Seattle Seahawks enough for Russell Wilson?

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson
Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

Dan Patrick talked about the trade on The Dan Patrick Show podcast and announced that his source told him what the Bears offered. Patrick reported that the Bears offered three first-round draft picks, a third-round draft pick and two starters. Dan Patrick did not mention who the two starters were, but he knew it was two starters for the Bears.

Patrick went on to say that the Seattle Seahawks were interested in the offer that the Bears gave them. Ultimately, the decision came down to head coach Pete Carroll. Carroll turned down a trade for Russell Wilson, which tells us that it's going to be tough to pull Wilson away from the Seahawks.

The Chicago Bears are not going to give up on trading for Russell Wilson. Just because they signed Andy Dalton doesn't mean that the door has closed on Wilson coming to Chicago. It just means that the Bears need to upgrade from the two starters they offered.

If the Chicago Bears want to eventually land Russell Wilson, there going to need to offer Khalil Mack or Eddie Jackson with a talented offensive player. Seattle said they are not interested in trading Russell Wilson at this time which should tell the Bears that they need to better their offer.

The Bears are on the right track if the Seahawks considered the trade package. If the Bears do want to land Russell Wilson the new package should look like this one.

-- Seattle Seahawks receive: Two first-round draft picks, a second-round pick, Khalil Mack, and Nick Foles

-- Chicago Bears receive: Russell Wilson

The Bears dropp the third-round pick for a second-round pick. They also drop one of the first-round picks because of Khalil Mack. Nick Foles gives the Seahawks a quarterback to hold them over until they can draft one.

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Published 18 Mar 2021
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