WATCH: Pete Davidson gets sacked by former Patriots star in hilarious new Super Bowl commercial

Jerod Mayo tackles Pete Davidson in the new Hellmann's Mayo commercial
Jerod Mayo tackles Pete Davidson in the new Hellmann's Mayo commercial

Hellmann's Mayo released their Super Bowl commercial starring comedian and actor Pete Davidson and former Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo on Monday. The commercial will be featured on February 13th.

In the video, former Patriots linebacker Mayo reminds people how good mayonnaise is and how important it is to not waste food.

Mayo then goes around tackling people who are about to waste food, urging them to add mayo to their food. Mayo sacks a man with bread, a woman with potatoes, an elderly woman with chicken, and then a man with spinach.

As Davidson is about to get hit by the former linebacker, he responds to Mayo by saying, "Woah, mom's already tackled food waste, Mayo."

As Mayo then walks away, Davidson brushes him off to his mother, saying, "That's a big guy."

Immediately after, Mayo comes flying in and hits Davidson. Mayo tells the comedian in the video that he has to and that he's sorry, to which Davidson comically responds by saying, "I get it, I'm very hittable."

Dubbed Mayo x Mayo, the commercial will debut in the fourth quarter of the game. The commercial pays homage to wrestler, actor and former football player Lester Speight’s beloved run in the Rawson Marshall Thurber-directed series for Reebok titled Terry Tate: Office Linebacker.

Pete Davidson "loves" Hellmann's mission to reduce food waste

Boston Celtics v New York Knicks
Boston Celtics v New York Knicks

While their commercial is comical with the idea centered around waste management, Hellmann's has been active in making people do a better job with food waste. Hellmann's teamed up with Harvard Law School's Food Law and Policy Clinic. The condiment company encourages people to donate food to those in need and to change their own food-wasting habits. Hellmann's has donated 500,000 meals to Feeding America and is working to secure an additional 5,000 meals for every in-game tackle and sack.

Pete Davidson himself has stated he plans to find ways to reduce food waste.

“It’s not every day I get tackled by a football pro like Jerod Mayo,” Davidson said in a statement. “I love that Hellmann’s has made it their mission to reduce unnecessary food waste at home, which is cool because we can all get involved. Ma and I have learned a lot and have had fun figuring out ways we can waste less ourselves. All food has potential, so let’s keep it out of the garbage.”

The commercial will be 53 seconds long and will be featured during Super Bowl Sunday. As comical as the commercial is, the bigger message is to reduce food waste.

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