Peyton Manning breaks down the reasons behind Mac Jones' early NFL success

New England Patriots QB Mac Jones v Atlanta Falcons
New England Patriots QB Mac Jones v Atlanta Falcons

Mac Jones has been quite the surprise after being the last quarterback selected of the "big five" in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Not only has the league taken notice, but so has one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game.

Hall of Fame quarterback and two-time Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning seems to really enjoy breaking down film. He recently looked at New England Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones and the success he has had so far this season.

Manning's study of Jones on film showed the incredible playmaker that the rookie has developed into and how he is able to get out of certain situations to find success so early in his career.

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Peyton Manning breaks down film of QB Mac Jones and details his success

Peyton Manning is currently involved in quite a few ESPN shows. He has the oh-so-popular "Manningcast," an alternate Monday Night Football broadcast with his brother Eli Manning.

He has also hosted "Peyton's Places" on ESPN+ for a few years, traveling around the country and telling untold stories of NFL history.

Peyton Manning breaking down Mac Jones' performance vs Cleveland on "Detail": 3rd play of the game for the Pats offense, Mac Jones' 3rd down conversion to Hunter Henry.…

But, in his ESPN+ show, "Detail," he breaks down film, which seems to be something he really enjoys. Manning recently studied film on New England Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones.

Jones and the Patriots are currently 7-4 tied with the Buffalo Bills at the top of the AFC East. Manning looked at film from the Patriots' dominant win over the Cleveland Browns in Week 10.

Manning saw how Jones was able to get a touchdown pass to Kendrick Bourne, and while it looked quite impressive, he said that there were things that Jones could have done better. He stated that Jones needed to control the Browns defense with his eyes better, something that you hear a lot of quarterbacks trying to do.

"He should've been looking to the right knowing he's gonna throw this seam route the whole time"

Peyton Manning then showed where Mac Jones saw the Browns show a blitz, and he immediately called an audible. Right before the ball was snapped, Jones realized that the Browns weren't going to blitz.

He then changed the play back to what was originally called. Manning showed a lot of praise for the rookie for having the acumen to understand what the opposing defense was doing.

The Patriots were able to pick up a big gain on the play.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick obviously saw Mac Jones' ability to be in a pro-style offense when he was at Alabama, which led them to not only drafting him in the first round but also starting him Week 1.

The Patriots had another dominant win over the Atlanta Falcons last Thursday night to extend their win streak to five games. The Patriots are now gearing up to host the Tennessee Titans this Thursday night.

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