Ranking the most popular NFL teams by state

Atlanta Falcons Seattle Seahawks
Atlanta Falcons Seattle Seahawks

The 32 NFL teams reside in 22 out of 50 states; some states have multiple teams. Twenty-eight states don't have a team, but each state has a favorite team. Some of the state's favored teams may surprise you.

Below is a compiled list of the most popular football teams in each state.

Most popular NFL team by state

Alabama: Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons have two former Alabama products: wide receiver Calvin Ridley and quarterback AJ McCarron.

Alaska: Seattle Seahawks

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks

During the 2020-21 football season, Alaska Airlines offered discounts tied directly to Russell Wilson's performance on the field each week.

Arizona: Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals

Arizona cheers for their NFL boys in red, black, and white.

Arkansas: Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys

Arkansas doesn't have its own football team; inhabitants look to nearby Texas and root for the Dallas Cowboys.

California: San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers
San Francisco 49ers

California has multiple NFL teams, but the state's favorite is the 49ers.

Colorado: Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos

Colorado stays true to their Denver Broncos.

Connecticut: New York Jets

New York Jets
New York Jets

Connecticut is part of New England, but they don't cheer for the Patriots; they side with the New York Jets.

Delaware: Philadelphia Eagles

Delaware roots for their neighboring team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Florida: Miami Dolphins

Florida is home to multiple NFL teams. But the state's favorite honor goes to the Miami Dolphins.

Georgia: Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons are the most popular NFL team in Georgia.

Hawaii: San Francisco 49ers

The beachy state prefers the San Francisco 49ers.

Idaho: Seattle Seahawks

The Potato State does not have an NFL team; the most popular NFL team is the Seattle Seahawks.

Illinois: Chicago Bears

Illinois is home to the first NFL team and their favorite team, the Chicago Bears.

Indiana: Indianapolis Colts

Iowa: Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have three Iowa products on their roster: running back Kene Nwangwu, quarterback Nate Stanley and receiver Ihmir Smith-Marsette.

Kansas: Kansas City Chiefs

Kentucky: Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are not the most popular team in Ohio, their home state, but they are in Kentucky.

Louisiana: New Orleans Saints

Maine: New England Patriots

Although the New England Patriots reside in Massachusetts, most of the states in New England are big fans of the Patriots.

Maryland: Washington Football Team

Surprisingly, Maryland's favorite NFL team is not the Baltimore Ravens but the Washington Football Team.

Massachusetts: New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are famous in Massachusetts; unsurprisingly, the NFL team is based in the state and has won six Super Bowls.

Michigan: Detroit Lions

Minnesota: Minnesota Vikings

Mississippi: New Orleans Saints

Missouri: Kansas City Chiefs

Montana: Minnesota Vikings

Although Montana doesn't have an NFL team, there is no shortage of die-hard Vikings fans.

Nebraska: Kansas City Chiefs

Another one for our Super Bowl champions

Nevada: Las Vegas Raiders

New Hampshire: New England Patriots

New Jersey: New York Jets

The team is inaccurately named the New York Jets, but it plays its games in New Jersey. So do the Giants, but New Jersey has spoken, and it's Jets territory.

New Mexico: Dallas Cowboys

New York: Buffalo Bills

While the Jets and Giants have New York in the title, the Buffalo Bills' home state is New York and the Bills is New York's preferred team.

North Carolina: Carolina Panthers

North Dakota: Minnesota Vikings

Ohio: Cleveland Browns

Oklahoma: Dallas Cowboys

Oklahoma is known for its excellent spirit for their college sports, but they don't have an NFL team; the state directs their spirit towards the Cowboys.

Oregon: Seattle Seahawks

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia Eagles

Pennsylvania is home to two NFL teams, the Steelers and Eagles, but the Eagles are crowd favorites.

Rhode Island: New England Patriots

The U.S. smallest state is loaded with big fans of the New England Patriots.

South Carolina: Carolina Panthers

South Dakota: Minnesota Vikings

South Dakota supports their neighboring NFL team, the Vikings.

Tennessee: Tennessee Titans

Texas: Dallas Cowboys

Utah: Arizona Cardinals

The state is known for being the happiest, and Utah is happy to root for the NFL's Arizona Cardinals.

Vermont: New England Patriots

Another New England state that loves their precious New England Patriots.

Virginia: Washington Football Team

The Washington Football team is taking the lead in state favorites.

Washington: Seattle Seahawks

Washington, DC: Washington Football Team

West Virginia: Washington Football Team

Another score for the Washington Football Team, the most popular team in West Virginia.

Wisconsin: Green Bay Packers

Wyoming: Denver Broncos

Wyoming does not have an NFL team of its own to cheer for, so residents are turning to neighboring Colorado's Denver Broncos.

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