Roger Goodell earned more money in two years than most NFL players make in entire career

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Being the commissioner of the biggest sports league in North America has its perks. Roger Goodell is not only the highest-paid commissioner in sports, he's also one of the highest-paid executives in the entire country.

Roger Goodell has served as commissioner of the NFL since 2006. During the last 15 seasons, he's faced criticism and controversy surrounding countless incidents. But being in charge of the NFL and navigating murky waters is what earns you the big bucks.

The New York Times reported Goodell's salary from the last two seasons. The amount is staggering and more than most NFL players make in an entire career.

Roger Goodell's income in the last two years

The total amount of money Roger Goodell has earned over the last two years is $128 million. This is a staggering average of $64 million per year.

Roger Goodell made more money in two years than most NFL players make in a career 😲💰:

For reference sake, only 13 active players in the NFL have earned more throughout their careers. Longtime veterans such as Gerald McCoy, Jason Peters, and J.J. Watt haven't reached that financial threshold.

If Goodell earned $128 million in just two years, who knows how much he made in the other 13 years! Goodell has overseen TV contract extensions and exclusive deals like the one with Amazon Video starting in 2022. He's also overseen collective bargaining agreements, including the most recent one in 2020.

Since becoming commissioner, Goodell has focused primarily on player safety. Concussion rates have gone down, and the game is safer to play than it was a decade ago. Goodell has earned a big payday in some aspects. But the controversy that's surrounded him is always going to be a talking point.

Roger Goodell is currently under siege for the handling of Washington's investigation

Goodell stirred up controversy during the NFL owners' meetings on Tuesday. Goodell said the NFL won't release the information found in its investigation into Washington owner Dan Snyder. Snyder is being investigated for sexual harassment claims by up to 40 former employees.

I represent 40 former employees of the WFT who participated in the investigation. Goodell’s statement is false.…

Attorney Lisa Banks represents a significant portion of those 40 employees who've come out against Snyder. Banks condemned Goodell for protecting Snyder by saying,

"You have misrepresented the wishes of our clients, and likely those of the other women and men who came forward, to justify your decision to bury what we know would be a damning report, having sat through dozens of interviews."

Goodell is also in the news for his handling of Deshaun Watson. Despite being investigated for criminal charges involving sexual assault, Goodell hasn't put Watson on the commissioner's exempt list.

Despite these controversies, Goodell is still the face of the NFL. He is responsible for running the best sports league possible. His salary is jaw-dropping, but when you have as much power as Goodell has, you get compensated handsomely.

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