NFL Rumors: Deebo Samuel's brother provides massive update on 49ers WR's trade 

Deebo Samuel at the NFL Pro Bowl
Deebo Samuel at the NFL Pro Bowl

Deebo Samuel is coming off an explosive breakout season for the San Francisco 49ers. The wide receiver is approaching an ultimatum as he nears the end of his rookie contract. The team can either pay him in an extension or via his fifth-year option, franchise-tag him, or trade him.

Another Facebook comment from Deebo Samuel’s brother: “He won’t be a 49er😂 that’s all that matters”

It takes two to tango, and the wide receiver is rumored to be out on this dance. According to JPA Football, Deebo's brother, Tyquan Samuel, posted on Facebook that the wide receiver won't be a San Francisco 49er. Here's what Tyquan posted:

“He won’t be a 49er. (laughing/crying face emoji) That’s all that matters”

Later, JPA Football reported that Samuel's brother walked back that statement, calling it a joke. Of course, that could be legitimate, or it could be a way for Tyquan to step out of his brother's way. In other words, Deebo Samuel could still be unhappy with the 49ers. Until he clears up his brother's statement, one cannot know the truth.

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Deebo Samuel isn't the only big wide receiver potentially on the trade market

San Francisco 49ers v Detroit Lions
San Francisco 49ers v Detroit Lions

Earlier this week on the Adam Schefter Podcast, NFL insider and television analyst Adam Schefter named the 49ers wide receiver one of four superstar wide receivers that could potentially be on the trade block as his team drags its feet. In addition to the 49ers' wide receiver, the other players mentioned were Terry McLaurin of the Washington Commanders, DK Metcalf of the Seattle Seahawks, and AJ Brown of the Tennessee Titans.

All four players are entering the final year of their rookie deal. None of them have been signed to an extension. While some players may get a fifth-year option and others may get an extension, Schefter said trade is possible.


With the upcoming NFL Draft right around the corner, the opportunity to draft another wide receiver and move on from their current player to save some cap space becomes even more enticing. Will Samuel be the player that's traded?

With the 49ers gearing up to potentially deal Jimmy Garoppolo, the team already has a selling mindset. While the topic is at the front of the team's mind, dealing with an extra player could be even more enticing. It opens the potential for a trade package for a de facto "offensive starter set" when dealing with the quarterback and the wide receiver.

Of course, there is no evidence aside from Tyquan's social media comments to indicate that anything specific is happening. At this point, all fans can do is wait and see if the 49ers or the wide receiver make any moves.

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