NFL Rumors: Jon Gruden claims WFT owner Dan Snyder might be forced to sell franchise to Jeff Bezos

Chicago Bears vs. Las Vegas Raiders
Chicago Bears vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden resigned from the team two weeks ago after damaging emails that he sent to Washington Football Team President Bruce Allen were released to the public.

The emails, which included racist and homophobic language, were discovered as part of an investigation into the Washington Football Team. The National Football League has been investigating the Washington Football Team due to reports and accusations of the bad culture that the organization has had in the past.

Even though Gruden and the Raiders agreed to part ways, it seems that he feels that another significant change is about to occur in the NFL and it involves ownership of the Washington Football Team.

Rumor: Gruden claims that Snyder will be forced to sell team

It is rumored that former head coach Jon Gruden believes that Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder will be forced to sell the team amidst the allegations he and the organization are facing, something that has been speculated for some time now.

Although Jon Gruden's emails are the only news and evidence that has surfaced from the NFL's investigation, there have been rumors that the league is going to release more soon. What exactly the NFL may have found remains to be seen, if anything, has been released at all. Gruden's emails were said to be part of thousands that were being reviewed.

Part of the rumor about Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder selling is that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will be the new owner. Jeff Bezos has shown interest in purchasing an NFL team the last few seasons. Earlier this season, it was reported that he may be interested in buying the Denver Broncos, as that organization might soon be undergoing a change of ownership.

So, it wouldn't be that far fetched to say that Bezos could purchase the Washington Football Team. Jeff Bezos does have the financial ability to purchase the $5 billion NFL franchise.

While this continues to be a rumor and not proven, it does bring up an interesting conversation. If the NFL was investigating the Washington Football Team, why haven't there been any revelations about the team's practices and culture? Is the NFL waiting to gather additional evidence?

There is still a lot of this story that has to come to light and it could be quite the headline maker when it all does.

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