NFL Rumors: Should the Dolphins sign Cam Newton to replace Tua Tagovailoa?

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa
Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa
Ian Van Roy

The era of Tua Tagovailoa may be going on hiatus for the Miami Dolphins after Tagovailoa suffered a rib injury and was carted off the field. In his place, Jacoby Brissett stepped up and put together a rough performance, throwing for 169 yards and an interception en route to a Week Two loss. The performance sets a dark tone for the near future.

The Dolphins, a win-now organization in 2021, could be looking to the market for anyone who can give the team a boost to weather the injury. Luckily for them, Cam Newton is available just weeks after being cut in New England. Would Cam Newton be a good fit with the Dolphins?

Dolphins diving deep for Cam Newton?

The Patriots and the Dolphins are sworn enemies but the modern-day Dolphins are heavily influenced by the team. Their head coach, Brian Flores, was a position coach under Bill Belichick. The Dolphins' roster is also sprinkled with ex-Patriots, including Jacoby Brissett, Eric Rowe and Jason McCourty. If the Patriots have already permeated the team, why not sign another ex-Patriot?

Cam Newton went 15-1 w/Ted Ginn as #1 WR and after 4 uneventful yrs w/Bears made Greg Olsen the first TE in NFL history to have 3 straight 1000 yard seasons. If Cam were surrounded with level of talent Kirk Cousins has had in his career, he’d have a couple SB rings.

The special advantage of signing Cam Newton is getting an inside scoop on the team. Of course, the Dolphins defeated the Patriots in Week 1, but the win was largely a result of Mac Jones' first start. He may be much different by the next time the two teams play. Anything the Dolphins can do to stay ahead of the Patriots should be done.

As an added bonus, by signing Cam Newton, the Dolphins would be keeping the Patriots from re-signing the quarterback if they change their minds. If something were to happen to Mac Jones, the Patriots would have no choice but to lean on Brian Hoyer. This would keep the Patriots down while keeping the Dolphins up.


The Dolphins are serious about the playoffs this season, so it makes sense to sign a quarterback who has plenty of playoff experience. It may have been a while for Cam Newton, but he has already shown he can perform in the playoffs. He knows how to deal with the pressure of the moment and can provide advice to Tagovailoa if he makes the playoffs.

Cam Newton after Super Bowl 50 between Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos
Cam Newton after Super Bowl 50 between Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos

Lastly, if the Dolphins somehow make the Super Bowl with Newton, they would have a quarterback who could deal with that pressure. He's already been there and, having lost one, his level of focus could elevate to a higher level. Needless to say, if Newton were to find himself in the Super Bowl again, he would dive on the fumble.

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