NFL Rumors: Why OT Mitchell Schwartz would be perfect for the Chiefs

AFC Championship - Tennessee Titans vs Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Championship - Tennessee Titans vs Kansas City Chiefs
Ian Van Roy

Mitchell Schwartz had issues in 2020 that ultimately led the Chiefs to say 'sayanora' to him. Seven months after the Super Bowl, though, the Chiefs are a very different team, especially in the offensive line. Here are a few reasons why saying 'aloha' to Schwartz makes sense now.

Mitchell Schwartz: From "Sayanora" to "Aloha"

Discount on return

The Chiefs could not have drawn it up any better for their bottom line. Mitchell Schwartz was released and passed over by the entire NFL over the spring and summer.

Now entering the fall, Schwartz's price has plummeted. The Chiefs could sign Schwartz to a salary that sits around the league minimum, and get the same player.

Value moves like these are what keep blockbuster franchises healthy for years to come. The less they spend for the same player, the better the team becomes in the future. His salary would help the team, but how can Schwartz himself help the team? Here's how he could:

Tutor young draft picks

The Chiefs overhauled their entire offensive line over the summer. While some of the players are industry veterans, and should be able to hit the ground running, two of their starters are rookies who have yet to play in their first real game.

By signing Mitchell Schwartz, the Chiefs would be adding a player who knows the Chiefs' system like the back of his hand.


While the mentor usually starts with the job, and then hands it to the rookie, Mitchell Schwartz can still help from the background. Additionally, he can help out the veterans who are still easing their way into the Chiefs' system. The Chiefs need a tutor, so who better than the company-man Schwartz?

Great swing tackle

When it comes down to it, teams sign players to play well. While Schwartz wasn't the best starter in 2020, he would be an excellent swing tackle in 2021. He played 357 snaps, and earned a 74.7 PFF grade last season, which is an average number of snaps and an above-average grade. Essentially, if anyone in the offensive line gets hurt, Schwartz would be an excellent short-term replacement.

He also has playoff and Super Bowl experience, which would be important to have if an injury were to happen in January or February. Who knows, he could even be able to play well enough to finish the season as a starter.

Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs
Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs

Of course, at 32, he would have to give up his spot at the end of the season, no matter what. However, by that point, the Chiefs' line should be solidified and ready to carry on in 2022.

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