Shannon Sharpe claims Stefon Diggs has misplaced personal beef with Josh Allen

Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen (l) and WR Stefon Diggs (r)
Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen (l) and WR Stefon Diggs (r)

The duo of Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs is one of the best quarterback-wide receiver combinations in the NFL. The Buffalo Bills stars have had success together, but it seems there was a bit of a disconnect in their recent matchup. Diggs was seen yelling at Allen on the sidelines during their game against the Cincinnati Bengals in the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

Shannon Sharpe commented on the matter on a recent episode of Undisputed. Sharpe noted that the Bills wideout may have some misguided beef with his quarterback.

Sharpe said:

"If you had 145 [yards] and two touchdowns, are you doing this on the sidelines? Because if you're not doing this on the sidelines, you're telling me it's more about stats than the results…"
"I just believe in Josh. You have a great relationship. I don't get like you actually thought Josh Allen went into the game and said, 'You know what, I ain't getting Stefon the ball today, man. I'm sure we can win without him.'"

Stefon Diggs had four receptions for 35 yards on 10 targets in the Bills' 27-10 loss to the Bengals. Including the regular season, his 35 yards is the second-lowest total he's had this season. The All-Pro receiver had 26 yards in Buffalo's Week 16 game versus the Chicago Bears. After the loss to the Bengals, Diggs originally moved towards leaving Highmark Stadium with his personal belongings.


This was ahead of some coaches having the chance to get to the locker room. However, running back Duke Johnson stopped and spoke to Diggs and he briefly returned to the locker room. Despite his game versus the Bengals, the pair of Diggs and Josh Allen have been successful in their tenure together.

Stefon Diggs has been an amazing offensive force for the Bills

Diggs has 375 receptions for 4,716 yards and 31 touchdowns in 56 games in the regular season and playoffs with Allen in his career. Diggs joined the Bills ahead of the 2020 season via a trade with the Minnesota Vikings that offseason. The former Maryland Terrapins star's 4,189 yards in the regular season is the fourth-most in the league since the 2020 season.

His 29 touchdowns in the regular season are the sixth-most in that same stretch. Nonetheless, we'll see if Stefon Diggs' outburst has any further blowback this offseason for the Buffalo Bills.

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