Steelers icon Ben Roethlisberger refuses to put faith in Lamar Jackson - “You don’t fear him” 

Ben Roethlisberger, left, Lamar Jackson, right
Ben Roethlisberger, left, Lamar Jackson, right

Ben Roethlisberger retired from the NFL after last season, but even as a fan, he doesn't fully believe in Lamar Jackson.

On "Footbahlin with Ben Roethlisberger," he discussed what he thought of Jackson as a player. He said that when teams gamplan against Jackson, they have to play with safeties closer to the line of scrimmage due to Jackson's ability to run.

"When he comes out there and he's like, 'I'm going to go out and do my thing,' Roethlisberger said. "And then you got that dude out there on the outside. It's a big deal. It is. That's a big boost. Because you better put a safety. You know, with Lamar, you want to bring safeties down to stop, help stop the run because you're not.
"You don't really fear Lamar's arms, his accuracy all the time. He's got a huge arm. He can make things happen when he scrambles or whatever, but you don't fear him just sitting in the pocket and picking you apart. So, you can bring safeties down because you do see him running because he's a different level runner."

In five NFL seasons, Jackson has thrown for 12,209 yards, 101 touchdowns and just 38 interceptions. He has a career passer rating of 96.7. He has 4,437 yards and 24 touchdowns on the ground.

Jackson is certainly an elite running quarterback and also a very good passer. Combine both skills, and he's still one of the NFL's best and most dangerous quarterbacks.

Odell Beckham Jr. thinks Lamar Jackson will re-sign with the Baltimore Ravens

Odell Beckham Jr. during UFC 287: Pereira vs. Adesanya 2
Odell Beckham Jr. during UFC 287: Pereira vs. Adesanya 2

The Baltimore Ravens inked free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to a one-year deal this offseason for up to $18 million.

Beckham reportedly signed with Baltimore with the intention of joining quarterback Lamar Jackson.

When asked by the Baltimore media whether he thinks Jackson will be back this season, he didn't answer yes, but he seemed optimistic.

"Life is uncertain," Beckham said. "My thoughts would be: He'll be here and I know these two want him here."

If Lamar Jackson re-signs with the Ravens, Beckham will likely be the best receiver he's had on the Ravens.

Do you think Lamar Jackson will re-sign with the Ravens?

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