This table shows Baker Mayfield is the most average quarterback in the NFL

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield
Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield has been one of the hardest quarterbacks to figure out since he entered the league in 2018. He showed a lot of promise as a rookie, throwing 27 touchdowns to 14 interceptions.

He regressed in 2019, throwing a ghastly 21 interceptions and winning just six games.

2020 saw Mayfield lead the Cleveland Browns to the playoffs for the first time since 2002. He had a 26-to-8 touchdown to interception ratio as well.

But this season, Baker Mayfield has been largely ineffective. His play has left Browns fans debating whether they should move on from him after this season.

A table put out by "Football Perspective" on Twitter has helped shine some light on Mayfield's career thus far. By all metrics on the table, Mayfield has been the perfect example of an average quarterback in the NFL.

Baker Mayfield has been almost perfectly average since entering the NFL, with the exception of a below average completion percentage countered by an above-average yards per completion average.Here's Mayfield's stats vs. rest of NFL's passing stats on a per 1,818-attempt basis

Baker Mayfield is the most average quarterback in the NFL

Baker Mayfield has played injured throughout the entire 2021 season.
Baker Mayfield has played injured throughout the entire 2021 season.

Despite having highs and lows in his playing career, Baker Mayfield checks out as the most average quarterback in the NFL. His completion percentage is slightly lower than the league average, with his 2019 season being the biggest culprit.

He's been sacked regularly in his young career, despite the Browns investing heavily in the offensive line. Mayfield deserves a fair share of the blame for his tendency to hang onto the football for too long.

His 49 interceptions are above the league average since 2018, but that's an area of his game he's cleaned up this season.

Ultimately, the Browns organization is left in a holding pattern with their quarterback. Mayfield's fifth-year option was picked up by the Browns, so they'll have one more year to evaluate him.

But Baker Mayfield's inconsistencies have caused analysts to question his ability to lead the Browns into the future. NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner is just one example of a legend not buying into Mayfield being the man for the job.

ICYMI: Hall of Famer Kurt Warner says he hasn't seen enough consistency from Baker Mayfield to believe he can reach franchise QB level, but #Browns should "play it out" with Mayfield in 2022 to ensure right decision is made about his future…

Mayfield is still just 26 years old. There's still a chance he can turn things around next year and give the Browns the confidence to extend him.

But the Browns have to do their part of surrounding Mayfield with better wide receivers.

The Odell Beckham Jr. experiment was a failure. Jarvis Landry can only do so much on his own.

Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt built a strong foundation for the Browns to lean on, but Mayfield must do his part.

Being average isn't what the Browns hoped for when they drafted Mayfield number one overall. So far, though, that's where he's been.

The remaining five games will tell us a lot about Mayfield's future.

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