"They hating from the booth!" - Tom Brady calls out Tony Romo & Peyton Manning for calling him slow 

iTom Brady fires playful jab at Peyton Manning and Tony Romo
iTom Brady fires playful jab at Peyton Manning and Tony Romo

The name Tom Brady is synonymous with several words or phrases. Some of those words are champion, Super Bowl, G.O.A.T., winner, quarterback and even Bill Belichick.

But one of the words or phrases you probably won't find associated with Tom Brady is speed.

Despite being considered the greatest quarterback to ever play the position, one should never confuse the precision accuracy and mental acuity Brady displays on the field with being fleet of foot.

Brady recently took to Twitter to air out his grievances (in jest) with Tony Romo and Peyton Manning for not acknowledging his speed on the field.

Tom Brady "calls out" Tony Romo and Peyton Manning as haters for comments on his speed

New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys
New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys

Brady took to Twitter to play a clip of Tony Romo saying that he was "slow" during the broadcast of Sunday's game between Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Buffalo Bills. In that same tweet, Brady called out Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning for also not recognizing his speed.

Tony and Peyton hating from the booth! Come on guys… @EAMaddenNFL

Manning was recently granted temporary permission to be the Madden football video game ratings adjuster. Manning, with glee, jokingly dropped Brady's overall video game ratings from a 99 to a paltry 44 (ironically, Brady's age which was likely the reason).

As for Brady's speed rating on the game, he was a 71 and since that was low to begin with, Manning left that alone.

Tom Brady, as well as the great Peyton Manning, have always been willing able to provide a humorous take on others and also themselves.

During an episode of the ManningCast, which is the alternative broadcast to the traditional Monday Night Football hosted by Peyton and Eli Manning, Tom Brady was a guest and the two playfully ribbed each other whenever there was ample opportunity to do so.

"That jersey on Peyton is looking a little tighter than I remember."Tom Brady with the jokes tonight 😂

Tom Brady is now looking forward to the final stretch of the NFL season. But can he once again lead the Buccaneers to the promised land?

Will Brady and the Buccaneers make it back to the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LV
Super Bowl LV

For Tom's Bucs to get to SoFi Stadium in February to play for the Vince Lombardi trophy, it will take better play from their defense and that starts with roster health. The defense of the Buccaneers have been tested this season with several injuries to some key starters.

They are slowly beginning to return and get back into form but it's been a slow process. The Buccaneers defeated the Buffalo Bills on Sunday but surrendered a 24-3 lead as the Bills forced overtime.

If the defense can right the ship, look for the Buccaneers to likely make a return to the Super Bowl.

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