Travis Kelce's mom Donna Kelce reveals which son she will root for in Super Bowl LVII

Which Kelce brother will prevail in the Super Bowl?
Which Kelce brother will prevail in the Super Bowl?

Donna Kelce is going to be the first mother of two sons on opposing Super Bowl teams. Travis of the Kansas City Chiefs will be going up against Jason of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Both players have won one Super Bowl, so this is their opportunity to secure another one, but it will come at the cost of a brother's failure. How is that for a mother?


Donna revealed her feelings ahead of the game:

"I want both you guys to to get into the Super Bowl. Basically what it is, is I really wanted just pure joy. The first two Super Bowls, the ones that you were in, it was like tense. We wanted you to win. so badly. It meant so much to get that one under your belt."

The second Super Bowl win for one of her sons will be different:

"This one is just going to be pure joy, pure fun and you know, we know it's just going to be, you're both in there. How can it get any better than this? It's going to be the best the best day ever. Except for when you were born both you guys were born. It can't get any better."

Though she wants success for both sons, she wants to especially be there for Travis:

"Yeah, I am going to be screaming the entire game. Whoever has the ball. I want it to be the highest scoring Super Bowl ever in the history of Super Bowl. I'm gonna have both jerseys, have jerseys on. I'm rooting for both teams. I will be on the field for you Travis. Jason will have his family on the field. So no, I won't be on the field for Jason."


Travis Kelce isn't married, so while Jason will have his wife, kids, and family, Travis will not.

Will Travis or Jason Kelce win the Super Bowl?

This Super Bowl is going to be a hotly contested match. Both teams are excellent and both Travis and Jason Kelce will be instrumental in their team's theoretical success.

Will Travis Kelce lift the Lombardi?
Will Travis Kelce lift the Lombardi?

The Eagles are slight favorites over the Chiefs at this point, so Donna may end up consoling Travis on the field when it's all said and done.

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