WATCH: Patrick Mahomes finds loophole in NFL protocols by starring in hilarious new Coors Light commercial

Chiefs quarterback stars in new ad for Coors Light - Credit: @Patrick Mahomes on Twitter
Chiefs quarterback stars in new ad for Coors Light - Credit: @Patrick Mahomes on Twitter

Patrick Mahomes has proven to be not only fearless on the gridiron but with his contract as well. In the latest Coors Light commercial, the quarterback helps make a pun and advertise for the beer company without beer.

The commercial opens with a disclaimer after the fashion of the Star Wars opening crawl. Here's how the commercial set up the quarterback's appearance:

"This summer, we tapped star quarterback Patrick Mahomes to be in a promo for Coors Light. Turns out, we overlooked the fact that he can't actually promote Coors Light."

The camera then reveals the quarterback with a flashlight.

"It's a flashlight?" the quarterback questions.

The narrator responds, "Yes, it's a flashlight, not a beer."

The commercial then cuts to a beer-esque advertisement listing the number of ounces and zooming in on the "can."

It also shows the quarterback catching the flashlight as it slides across the countertop in place of a beer. The advertisement then emphasizes that the commercial is for a "100 percent flashlight" and "zero percent adult beverage."

The commercial starts selling the flashlight while cutting between the flashlight and the quarterback.

At one point, the quarterback agrees that "it is a quality flashlight." At the end of the commercial, the narrator calls for viewers to "chill and crack open a Coors Light." At the same time, Mahomes opens the bottom of the flashlight and looks inside.

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Patrick Mahomes' slide in the NFL

Kansas City Chiefs Media Availability
Kansas City Chiefs Media Availability

Patrick Mahomes' rise was meteoric. Heading into 2018, most set the bar for his first starting season as a fringe .500 team. Instead, he nearly reached the NFL record for passing touchdowns in a season. He rocketed above the bar and came within a quarter of reaching the Super Bowl.


The following season, the Chiefs won a Lombardi Trophy. Since then, however, the team has seen a steady decline on the quarterback's watch. Of course, the following year, the team reached the Super Bowl. But they were blown out by Tom Brady.


In 2021, the team failed to reach the Super Bowl, and the quarterback essentially went to sleep in the second half of the game. Since then, the team has lost their top wide receiver, Tyreek Hill. With tight end Travis Kelce also well past 30, many are wondering whether there is a decline in his near future.

As such, 2022 has high stakes for the quarterback. Will he find a way to regain his immortal image, or will the decline continue?

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