What is COVID toe? Aaron Rodgers explains his condition

Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
Rit Nanda

Just when we thought COVID would not have anymore awful surprises for us, Aaron Rodgers brought the term and condition "COVID toe" to light. To those of you living under a rock, Aaron Rodgers was diagnosed with COVID and, since he was not vaccinated, had to miss 10 days and a game because of that. Ever since he came back, he has missed further practice due to a toe condition. While on The Pat McAfee show, he made the claim that he had COVID toe.

"No lingering effects other than the Covid toe" ~@AaronRodgers12WE KNEW IT‼️#PatMcAfeeShowLIVE

We'll take a look at what the condition is and whether Aaron Rodgers has it or not.

COVID toe and Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers claimed that he is not suffering from any adverse effects of COVID, other than COVID toe. That set off a flurry of comments with people wondering what the condition was.

'A strong immune response to... SARS-CoV2... is likely the cause of “Covid toes,” according to a new study.' Symptoms include: burning or itching in their toes, along with redness and sometimes lesions. 😬By @vickyyyf #COVID19 #publichealth #scicomm…

COVID toe can be an additional side effect of having COVID. This includes itchy toes, along with redness and a burning sensation. Some sufferers reported having lesions, too. This typically happens due to a strong immune response to the coronavirus.

Now because Aaron Rodgers claimed to have it, people went ahead and assumed that he was suffering from the same condition. But it was only a play on words and what he was saying is that the present toe condition he is afflicted with happened during his enforced absence from the facilities due to COVID. We should have known better than to take him literally, knowing how he was "immunized" and not vaccinated.

“I have a fractured toe.”

It turns out that Aaron Rodgers has simply fractured his toe. The truth about his toe condition came about when Rodgers revealed that he had been practicing on his own during COVID and injured his toe. Hence, Aaron Rodgers mockingly called it a "COVID toe."

Aaron Rodgers' clarification on the matter is definitely welcome. That his joke was not taken in the spirit it was meant to be initially is because his continuing stances on COVID have been so outrageous at times, so it is hard to segregate what he says seriously and what he says in jest.

But what Aaron Rodgers' comments have unwittingly done is bring the condition of COVID toe to the forefront. It has been one of the least discussed side effects of COVID, and understandably so, given the more serious ailments people have faced due to the coronavirus, including and up to death. We hope knowledge about COVID toe will again reiterate to people how the effects of COVID can linger long after it has gone, and they will start taking it more seriously.

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