What year was the original John Madden football game released? Ranking Top 10 Madden NFL titles

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Looking back at the best Madden NFL games over the years

Madden NFL was once known as John Madden Football. The gaming franchise has become the most popular American football video game.

Ahead of the official release of Madden 25, let's take a trip down memory lane to the first John Madden Football game.

When was the original John Madden football game released?

The original John Madden football game was released in 1988 by Electronic Arts. The legendary John Madden was the cover star.

John Madden Football featured customizable gameplay and alternate conditions such as rainy, sunny, windy, hot, and cold. It also featured time length of quarters, injuries, penalties, and player fatigue.

The first iteration of John Madden Football allowed gamers to create franchises from scratch, but it was only released on Apple II and Commodore.

Ranking Top 10 Madden NFL titles

Here's a look at the top ten Madden NFL titles of all time:

#10. Madden NFL 2000

Madden NFL 2000 opened the millennium and gave many people a fitting introduction to the game. This iteration saw players delegating numerous duties to the PC. Such duties included releasing and signing free agents, which in turn improved the speed of gameplay.

#9. Madden NFL 2003

The 2003 Madden iteration had the minicamp feature, and people still lobby for its comeback. Furthermore, franchise mode was offline and a breeze to play.

#8. Madden NFL 10

This Madden was one of numerous firsts. It was the first with two athletes on the cover: Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu. It was also the first time the Ultimate Team appeared on the franchise. The game still looks great in modern times.

#7. Madden NFL 11

This iteration introduced 3 vs 3 online play. It marshaled a new era of Madden where playing online with or against friends was the new cool thing to do.

#6. Madden NFL 2004

The best bits of the 2004 game were the soundtrack, owner mode, and franchise mode. It has a nostalgic vibe and encourages players to take their time in roster building.

#5. Madden NFL 12

Many ardent gamers believe that Madden NFL 12 was the last great Madden game. That's because it was the last iteration to possess all the best game modes. The franchise has since removed most modes and slowly introduced them in a trickle manner in recent years.

#4. Madden NFL 2005

What did you expect from a game with Ray Lewis on the cover? Of course, the game was going to be a hit with fans. Madden 2005 was a splendid experience introducing the hit stick to gaming lore.

#3. Madden NFL 08

The introduction of player weapons was a nice touch. The 2008 iteration came when video games were transitioning from PS2 to PS3, and it was still a hit among the masses.

#2. Madden NFL 18

The G.O.A.T edition lived up to its billing and is considered one of the more innovative Madden games of recent memory. The 2018 iteration featured Longshot mode, which let gamers control a QB's career through high school, college, the combine, and finally, the National Football League. It was a fresh addition to the franchise.

#1. Madden NFL 06

This was the first time that Madden had the exclusive license for the NFL, and they ran with it! Madden NFL 06 had numerous stunning features, especially superstar mode. Superstar mode saw players able to go from Rookie of the Year to Hall of Fame. Things like those earn 06 the spot as the best Madden NFL title ever.

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