Where does Travis Kelce rank on the NFL's Top 100 Players of 2021 list?

Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals
Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals
Rit Nanda

All the spots from 11-100 on the Top 100 NFL Players List are now occupied. Players such as Travis Kelce still remain, though. Along with a few others, Kelce will rightfully take his place in the top 10, which will be announced on August 298, 2021, 4-6 pm ET.

But what will be Travis Kelce's ultimate ranking? How will the NFL reward his performances over the last season?

Where will Travis Kelce ultimately land in the top 10?

Of the ten remaining players, four are quarterbacks, four are offensive players and two are defensive players.

The quarterbacks are all players who went to the championship games last season. Aaron Rodgers was the league MVP, with Josh Allen a close second. Patrick Mahomes carried his great form from previous seasons into last season, and Tom Brady was, well, Tom Brady and won his seventh Super Bowl. Considering how important quarterbacks are to a franchise, expect them to lock up the top four spots.

Defensive players and offensive players are equally important, though, so let's take all of them into consideration.

DeAndre Hopkins, TJ Watt, Derrick Henry and Aaron Donald are the sole representatives from their teams on this list. Their presence is absolutely crucial to a winning season for their franchise. Imagine a Tennessee Titans team without Derrick Henry and you have a team that would struggle to reach the playoffs instead of having its sights on lifting the Lombardi Trophy.

Similarly, DeAndre Hopkins is a critical component of the Arizona Cardinals. He is their go-to receiver most of the time on plays and elevates their offense. T.J. Watt has shown his value to the Pittsburgh Steelers and they have accordingly rewarded him with the highest paid contract for a defender, if reports are to be believed. Aaron Donald, meanwhile, has played his part in making the Los Angeles Rams an elite defensive unit.

Because of the outsized influence each of these players have on their teams, expect them to take the next four spots behind the quarterbacks.

This leaves Travis Kelce and Davante Adams. One could argue that their numbers are padded due to having Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers as their respective quarterbacks. This causes them to slightly drop down the list.

While Davante Adams has been phenomenal, he could not take his team to the Super Bowl. Travis Kelce, though, did all the right things. He had 105 receptions from tight end and Davante Adams had just ten more as a wide receiver. This gives Travis Kelce a leg up, giving him the number 9 spot on the list.

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