Who is the best NFL quarterback of all time?

Indianapolis Colts v Kansas City Chiefs
Indianapolis Colts v Kansas City Chiefs

Many will argue that when it comes to the NFL, there can be no debate as to who is the greatest quarterback of all time. Tom Brady has won the most Super Bowls, having won seven out of ten attempts. He is still playing at the highest level and is widely regarded as the GOAT. So, why have we brought you here to these pages to argue about a topic that has been closed already?

What if we told you that Brady might not be the greatest NFL quarterback of all time? There is another quarterback who went to 10 national championships and won seven. Similar to Tom Brady, he was also the NFL MVP three times. His winning percentage of 81 is the highest in the NFL, though, and surpasses even Tom Brady among starting NFL quarterbacks. He still holds a record of 8.63 passing yards per attempt in the NFL.

Even with the topic limited to just the NFL, this quarterback has already made a claim to be the greatest of all time. But when you look at his exploits in the AAFC, which is where his team played before joining the NFL, his stats are even more remarkable. Because over there he won two more MVP awards and had the first ever perfect season in Pro Football. If these stats were to be combined with his NFL stats, he would have a record five MVP awards.

He achieved all of this after having served in the Navy and his strike rate was phenomenal. During his professional career, he never missed a game and made it to the championship game of the league every single season. He achieved all of this in a career far shorter than Tom Brady's.

Those of you who take a keen interest in NFL history might have already figured out that we are talking about none other than Otto Graham, the former Cleveland Browns quarterback.

Otto Graham: The best NFL quarterback of all time

We have already given above some of his legendary stats to justify why Otto Graham is the best NFL quarterback of all time. The reason why some people choose to ignore his achievements is that four of his championships came in the AAFC instead of the NFL. However, considering that the Browns joined the NFL and went on to lift the trophy three more times, it is testament to his legacy.

In fact, Tom Brady might not be the great quarterback he is without Otto Graham. Graham was the reason the newly formed Cleveland Browns thrived under their establisher and coach Paul Brown. He created a coaching tree that led from Don Shula through Bill Parcells all the way to Bill Belichick, under whom Brady played at the New England Patriots. Paul Brown didn't win a championship without Graham at quarterback, a fate Bill Belichick will be hoping to avoid with Tom Brady.

Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback in the modern era. However, in terms of winning and setting up a legacy, he is behind Otto Graham. Graham won the same number of championships and more MVP titles than Brady in significantly fewer years. Also, due to his naval commitments, he could only begin playing professional football from the age of 25.

Before that, he even joined basketball franchise the Rochester Royals after World War II to keep fit before the football season. Being the winner that he is, the Royals, today's Sacramento Kings, won the National Basketball League season as well, handing him a championship there as well.

Even with so many constraints, Otto Graham showed the way to all the other future quarterbacks. His dedication and winning ability make him, in our opinion, the best quarterback the NFL has ever seen.

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