Cleveland Browns Super Bowl Wins

NFL teams strive to get their hands on the famed Vince Lombardi trophy when they fight it out every season. Each playoff appearance brings with it the hope for another shot at the Super Bowl. There are teams who do brilliantly while some fall short of the mark. Among these teams are some who are still waiting for a chance at winning the Vince Lombardi trophy. Cleveland Browns have been waiting to appear for a Super Bowl ever since their inception.

The Cleveland Browns are one of the oldest teams to compete in the NFL. They have made it to 29 playoffs but have failed to make it to even one Super Bowl match. The Cleveland Browns came close to a Super Bowl appearance on five occasions but failed to win them. The Browns have not won a Conference Championship and they last appeared in one in 1990.

Cleveland Browns won NFL Championships before the 1970 NFL-AFL merger. They won four NFL Championship trophies in 1950, 1954, 1955, and 1959. The Browns have had a dismal playoff record in the last decade and only appeared in the 2020 playoffs since 2010. Cleveland Browns are one of four NFL teams who have never made it to a Super Bowl. The other teams are Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Houston Texans.