Who is Jordan Phillips? Bills player gets into brawl with Josh Allen at training camp

Jordan Phillips v Pittsburgh Steelers
Jordan Phillips v Pittsburgh Steelers

On Saturday, the Buffalo Bills had an abrupt and rough end to their practice. A brawl broke out between players, and while it was short-lived, it was enough to put an end to the day and get people talking.

The Bills are a serious Super Bowl contender, so eyes are already on them. The brawl was mainly between Pro Bowl quarterback Josh Allen and defensive lineman Jordan Phillips.


Most NFL fans know who Josh Allen is. He's been prominent for a while now but truly burst onto the scene last year in his epic duel with Patrick Mahomes in the AFC Divisional Round.


Jordan Phillips is not as popular a player, though. Here's who the Bills lineman that fought with his quarterback really is.

Phillips began his career in South Beach. The Miami Dolphins drafted him in the second round with the 51st overall pick. He stayed there until 2018, when he was waived.

He signed with the Buffalo Bills, but that's not how he ended up on the current team. He landed with the Arizona Cardinals after that, where he spent the last two seasons.

Arizona Cardinals v Detroit Lions
Arizona Cardinals v Detroit Lions

Buffalo signed him again this offseason for his second stint with the club. Phillips was signed to just a one-year deal.

What happened in the Bills practice brawl yesterday?

The brawl was so short-lived that it was more like a scuffle than anything else. It happened near the end zone during a scrimmage practice between the offense and the defense.

The Bills offense ran a quarterback draw for potential MVP candidate Josh Allen. He went up the middle and got hit harder than he would have liked towards the end of the run by none other than Jordan Phillips.

Allen took exception to this and tossed the football aside before getting in Phillips' grill and pushing him.

The two began fighting, and others rushed in to either help their teammate or try and pull them off, resulting in several players being involved in a mass of bodies, making it nearly impossible to see what was happening.

No more than 30 seconds later, the brawl was over and so was the practice session.

NFL players are fiery competitors, and they can get even more intense when they know what's at stake. After coming close in previous seasons, Buffalo know they are very close to putting it all together.

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Edited by Piyush Bisht
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