Who is Ralph Brown? Is ex-NFL star still missing?

Amanza Smith and Ralph Brown (courtesy of
Amanza Smith and Ralph Brown (courtesy of

Ralph Brown is an ex-NFL player who has played cornerback for nearly a handful of teams. His professional career began in 2000 with the New York Giants. He played there from 200-2003. His next stint was for the Minnesota Vikings from 2004-2005. Following a year with the Cleveland Browns in 2006, he finally played for the Arizona Cardinals from 2007-2009.

Brown had a short-lived career in the NFL, and his marriage to ex-wife Amanza Smith was more of the same. The pair were married in 2010 but divorced two years later. Smith and Brown have two children together.

When did Ralph Brown go missing?

Amanza Smith and Ralph Brown got divorced and were given split custody of their two children. In an unusual turn of events, Brown went missing in 2019, and his wife believes it is tied to him not paying child support since 2015.

Brown's last moment of contact with his ex-wife was a cryptic email. Brown told his wife, "My situation isn’t good right now. I can’t financially take care of the children." He added that it’s "not safe for them to be with me. You need to keep them until my situation changes."

Amanza Smith says ex Ralph Brown has gone off grid and she’s struggling to get his child support #SellingSunset…

Brown allegedly sent this email to his ex-wife on 1 September 2019. This was the last time Smith heard from him. Even though Brown had a retirement fund after playing in the NFL, he had burned through all that money and was no longer paying child support to his wife.

Smith had been interviewed about his disappearance. According to her, Brown is still alive. She had this to say on his odd disappearance: "He’s alive somewhere because otherwise we would know. There are so many people actively trying and there’s just no answer."

Smith has tried several times to locate her ex-husband but has been unsuccessful. She believes him to be safe and alive someplace and claims that if he were to be found, she wouldn't keep the children away from him. The children are apparently "devastated" by their father's disappearance and only want to be reunited with him.

Ralph Brown and his family honestly disgusts me so much. Who the HELL just ghosts their own children after raising them for 10 yrs, then have that whole side of the family ghost them too?? its insane to me.

Hopefully, Brown's disappearance is just related to his poor financial status, and he's away from harm. A family being torn apart by a parent's death would be the most tragic end to this story.

Ralph Brown is still missing, but hopefully, with his story resurfacing, local authorities can locate him and make sure he is safe.

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