Would $46.2M solve Lamar Jackson's salary problem? NFL insider floats win-win proposal for Ravens

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens
Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson has been seeking a salary worth more than what the Baltimore Ravens are willing to pay him. This has led to a breakdown of their relationship and the quarterback wanting out.

The money he'd earn on the franchise tag is about $32 million. One NFL insider believes a change in his franchise tag could be key to mending their relationship.

NFL analyst Josina Anderson offered a suggestion on how the Ravens could approach the situation.

"Perhaps both sides should consider reuniting at the table on an upwardly negotiated non-exclusive tag, which is currently what is on Lamar's head, at a value of $32.4 million.
"So let's just assume that things don't progress at all or things continue to move at this pace. Lamar most likely is going to need some sort of feel-good offer. I would say that that would be at a value above $32.4 million.
"So the Ravens would likely then say in response to that, 'why would we do that?' ... So then Lamar's reply to that is 'I want to come back at a value of the exclusive tag at a minimum.' And one could argue that that value should even be above that at $46.2 million.
"That value at least has them above Deshaun's average of 46 and Kyler Murray's average of 46.1, but below Russell Wilson's average of 49 a year and Aaron Rodgers' average of 50 which according to one source is an average that he has been at least seeking."

She finished by saying Jackson should "report to camp no later than the first practice after the draft" in exchange for a $45 million contract.

The Ravens need a quarterback, so there is a little bit of an incentive for them to try and make this work with Lamar Jackson.

What was Ravens' last offer to Lamar Jackson?

The Baltimore Ravens' last offer to Lamar Jackson was $133 million for three years. They wanted to try and offer him a middle-ground contract, but there are two things he wants.

Lamar Jackson declined the offer
Lamar Jackson declined the offer

First, he wants guaranteed money and second, he wants length on the contract. This offer didn't hit the mark from his perspective.

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