Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock

Full NameKenneth Shamrock

BornFebruary 11, 1964




Ken "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Shamrock is a retired UFC Hall of Famer former professional wrestler and bare-knuckle boxing promoter. Shamrock was also the inaugural Pancrase Openweight Champion.

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World Grand Prix Semi-Finals: Vetell v Nelson

Kan Shamrock MMA

Ken Shamrock with, Minoru Suzuki and Masakatsu Funaki formed the Pancrase in 1993. Shamrock made his professional MMA debut in 1993 at Pancrase 1 against Masakatsu Funaki. He followed it up by winning the next 2-fights at Pancrase. After this, Shamrock went to the United States to fight in the UFC 1 Tournament.

Shamrock won the opening round fight against Patrick Smith but lost in the next round against Royce Gracie via submission(gi choke). This was Shamrock's first defeat in professional MMA.

After the tournament, Ken went back to compete in Pancrase and defeated Andre Oetelaar at Pancrase 4 via first-round submission(Achilles Lock). Shamrock next fo Minoru Suzuki at Pancrase: Pancrash! 1 and lost via first-round kneebar. This was Shamrock's first defeat in Pancrase. He bounced back from the loss by winning the next three fights before losing to Funaki at Pancrase: Road to Championship 4.

Shamrock then went back to the United States to fight in the UFC 3 one-night tournament with the tournament promoted as the ultimate rematch between Shamrock and Gracie. Shamrock dominated Christopher Leininger in the quarterfinals and Felix Mitchell in the semi-final but refused to compete in the final as Royce Gracie had pulled out of the tournament.

After the tournament, Shamrock returned to Pancrase to defeat Takaku Fuke at Pancrase Road to the Championship 5 and took part in the Pancrase: King of Pancrase Tournament.

Shamrock dominated everyone in the tournament as he defeated Alex Cook, Maurice Smith, and Masakatsu Funaki in his journey to the final against Manabu Yamada.

Shamrock's fight against Yamada was a 30-minute duel that ended in a Ken Shamrock win via unanimous decision to become the inaugural Pancrase Openweight Champion.

Kan defeated Leon Djik at Pancrase: Eyes of Beast 1 and then defended his title for the first time at Pancrase: Eyes of Beast against Bas Rutten. Ken dominated Rutten in the grappling area and submitted him in 61-seconds via kneebar.

Following the defense, Shamrock went to the UFC to fight Royce Gracie at UFC 5 for the inaugural UFC Superfight Championship. Gracie and Shamrock went toe-to-toe as they put on a competitive fight for 36-minutes that ended in a draw because there were no judges to judge the bout. Due to this, Shamrock declared that he wanted to fight Gracie again as a draw result did not do justify the fight.

After the competitive fight against Gracie, Shamrock returned to Pancrase to defend his King of Pancrase title against Minoru Suzuki. Suzuki got the better of Shamrock in the fight and submitted him via kneebar in 2-minutes and 14-seconds.

Shamrock then got booked by the UFC to fight Dan Severn at UFC 6 to determine the inaugural UFC Superfight Championship. Unlike the Gracie fight, Shamrock did not have any problem in the bout as he submitted Severn in 2 minutes and 14 seconds via guillotine choke submission. He defended his UFC title against Oleg Taktarov at UFC 6 in a 33-minute encounter that resulted in a draw due to no judges being present in the fight.

Shamrock won his next 3-fights before rematching Dan Severn at UFC. The fight had special rules as the District Attorney of Michigan stated that the bout cannot have any closed-fisted strikes to the head or headbutts.

Severn took his revenge on Shamrock as he won the 30-minute fight via split decision to end Shamrock's UFC Superfight Championship.

Shamrock next entered the Ultimate Ultimate 1996 tournament and defeated Brian Johnston via forearm choke submission. However, he later withdrew from the tournament due to an injury to his hand.

After this fight, Shamrock left MMA to focus on his wrestling career and joined WWE. He stated the drying up of finances in MMA as a reason for this career change.

UFC 1: The Beginning

Ken Shamrock Return to MMA

Ken Shamrock returned to MMA in 2000 at the Pride Grand Prix 2000 Finals against Alexander Otsuka. He won the fight via KO(punches) at the 9-minute and 43-second mark. Following this, Shamrock fought Kazuyuki Fujita at Pride 10. Shamrock dominated Fujita in the corner but got his corner to throw in the towel because he thought he was suffering from a heart attack.

Shamrock returned to action at WMMAA 1: Mega fights against Sam Adkins. Ken made short work of Adkins and submitted him inside 90 seconds via kimura to win the WMMAA Heavyweight Title.

Ken next fought Don Frye in a grudge match built upon trash talk by Don Fyre that caused Ken to retaliate. The Feud cumulated with a fight at Pride 19 where Don Fyre edged out a close split-decision victory.

Shamrock's career went on a downturn after the Fyre Loss as he went 1-3 in his next 4-fights with his only win coming against Kimo Leopoldo and his losses coming against Tito Ortiz, Rich Franklin, and Kazushi Sakuraba. He then became a coach on the 3rd season of TUF opposite Tito Ortiz with both of them scheduled to fight at the end of the season.

Shamrock lost the fight against Tito Ortiz at UFC 61 and lost the trilogy fight at UFC Fight Night 6.5. Following the Ortiz losses, the UFC released Shamrock.

Ken Shamrock Retirement

Instead of retiring from the sport as a legend, Shamrock continued to fight in the regional circuit where he went 2-3 before signing up with Bellator in 2015.

Shamrock lost his Bellator debut fight at Bellator 138 against Kimbo Slice and then lost his next fight at Bellator 149 against fellow MMA legend Royce Gracie. Following the Gracie loss, Shamrock stopped competing in MMA.

Ken Shamrock Career Stats

Current Status:

Ken Shamrock's current record stands at 28-17-2. He retired from MMA in 2018.



Wins by KO/TKO:

  1. 3

Wins by Submission:

  1. 22

Wins by Decision:

  1. 3

Current Titles:

  1. None


  1. 73 in (190cm)


  1. 212 lb / 96 kg

Weight Class:

  1. Heavyweight
  2. Light Heavyweight

Ken Shamrock Last Fight

Ken Shamrock's last fight was against Royce Gracie at Bellator 149. Shamrock lost the fight in the first round via TKO(Knee and Punches).

Ken Shamrock Record

Below is the professional MMA record of Ken Shamrock:

Loss28-17-2Royce GracieTKO (Knee and Punches)Bellator 14919/02/2016
Loss28-16-2Kevin FergusoTKO ( Punches)Bellator 13819/06/2015
Loss28-15-2Mike BourkeTKO (Knee and Punches)KOTC - Platinum25/11/2010
Win28-14-2Johnathan IveyDecision (Unanimous)UFC MMA: Return of the Champions16/10/2010
Loss27-14-2Pedro RizzoTKO (Leg Kicks and Punches)Impact FC 218/07/2010
Win27-13-2Ross CliftonSubmission (Armbar)Wargods/Ken Shamrock Productions - The Valentine's Eve Massacre13/02/2009
Loss26-13-2Robert BerryKO (Punches)Cage Rage 2508/03/2008
Loss26-12-2Tito OrtizKO (Punches)UFC Fight Night 6.5 Ortiz vs. Shamrock 310/10/2006
Loss26-11-2Tito OrtizTKO (Elbows)UFC 6108/07/2006
Loss26-10-2Kazushi SakurabaTKO (Punches)Pride 3023/10/2005
Loss26-9-2Rich FranklinTKO (Punches)TUF 1 Finale09/04/2005
Win26-8-2Kimo LeopoldoKO (Knee)UFC 4819/06/2004
Loss25-8-2Tito OrtizTKO (Corner Stoppage)UFC 4022/11/2002
Loss25-7-2Don FryeDecision (Split)Pride 1924/12/2002
Win25-6-2Sam AdkinsSubmission (Kimura)WMMAA 110/08/2001
Loss24-6-2Kazuyuki FujitaTKO (Corner Stoppage)Pride 1027/08/2000
Win24-5-2Alexander OtsukaKO (Punches)Pride FC: Pride Grand Prix 2000: Finals01/05/2000
Win23-5-2Brian JohnstonSubmission (Forearm Choke)UFC: Ultimate Ultimate 199607/12/1996
Loss22-5-2Dan SevernDecision (Split)UFC 917/05/1996
Win22-4-2Kimo LeopoldoSubmission (Kneebar)UFC 816/02/1996
Win21-4-2Kazuo TakahashiDecision (Lost Points)Pancrase:Truth 128/01/1996
Win20-4-2Katsuomi InagakiSubmission (Arm-Triangle Choke)Pancrase: Eyes Of Beast 714/12/1995
Draw19-4-2Oleg TaktarovDraw (Time Limit)UFC 708/08/1995
Win19-4-1Larry PapadopoulosSubmission (Achilles Lock)Pancrase: 1995 Neo-Blood Tournament Opening Round22/07/1995
Win18-4-1Dan SevernSubmission (Guillotine Choke)UFC 614/07/1995
Loss17-4-1Minoru SuzukiSubmission (Kneebar)Pancrase: Eyes Of Beast 413/05/1995
Draw17-3-1Royce GracieDraw (Time Limit)UFC 507/04/1995
Win17-3Bas RuttenSubmission (Kneebar)Pancrase: Eyes Of Beast 210/03/1995
Win16-3Leon van DijkSubmission (Inverted Heel Hook)Pancrase: Eyes Of Beast 126/01/1995
Win15-3Manabu YamadaDecision (Unanimous)Pancrase: King of Pancrase Tournament Second Round17/12/1994
Win14-3Masakatsu FunakiSubmission (Arm-Triangle Choke)Pancrase: King of Pancrase Tournament Second Round17/12/1994
Win13-3Maurice SmithSubmission (Arm-Triangle Choke)Pancrase: King of Pancrase Tournament Opening Round16/12/1994
Win12-3Alex CookSubmission (Heel Hook)Pancrase: King of Pancrase Tournament Opening Round16/12/1994
Win11-3Takaku FukeSubmission (Rear-Naked Choke)Pancrase: Road To The Championship 515/10/1994
Win10-3Felix MitchellSubmission (Rear-Naked Choke)UFC 309/09/1994
Win9-3Christophe LeningerTKO (Submission to Punches)UFC 309/09/1994
Loss8-3Masakatsu FunakiSubmission (Rear-Naked Choke)Pancrase: Road To The Championship 401/09/1994
Win8-2Bas RuttenSubmission (Rear-Naked Choke)Pancrase: Road To The Championship 326/07/1994
Win7-2Matt HumeSubmission (Kimura)Pancrase: Road To The Championship 206/07/1994
Win6-2Ryushi YanagisawaSubmission (Inverted Heel Hook)Pancrase: Pancrash! 321/04/1994
Loss5-2Minoru SuzukiSubmission (Kneebar)Pancrase: Pancrash! 119/01/1994
Win5-1Andre Van Den OetelaarSubmission (Achilles Lock)Pancrase: Yes, We Are Hybrid Wrestlers 408/12/1993
Loss4-1Royce GracieSubmission (Rear-Naked Choke)UFC 112/11/1993
Win4-0Patrick SmithSubmission (Heel Hook)UFC 112/11/1993
Win3-0Takaku FukeTechnical Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)Pancrase: Yes, We Are Hybrid Wrestlers 308/11/1993
Win2-0Kazuo TakahashiSubmission (Heel Hook)Pancrase: Yes, We Are Hybrid Wrestlers 214/10/1993
Win1-0Masakatsu FunakiSubmission (Arm-Triangle Choke)Pancrase: Yes, We Are Hybrid Wrestlers 121/09/199

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