Pokemon GO Druddigon Raid guide (November 2022): Best counters, weaknesses, and more

Druddigon as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Druddigon as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Dragon-type Pokemon are some of the most desirable creatures trainers can get their hands on in Pokemon GO. With great coverage options in their movepools and a solid defensive front, these menacing beasts are a great choice in any cup in the mobile title's Battle League.

Druddigon, the Cave Pokemon, is one of the Dragon-types that many have set their sights on. Whether it be for filling the Pokedex or for use in battle, players finally have an easy chance to get their hands on one, thanks to its inclusion in the mobile game's rotation of three-star Raid Bosses.

As many experienced Pokemon GO players will know, these Raids can be a bit challenging for the standard user to take on by themselves. However, with the right team composition and a bit of game knowledge ahead of time, going into a Raid Battle can be much easier.

Druddigon in Pokemon GO: Everything to know about the Raid Boss

Druddigon as it appears in Pokemon Generations (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Druddigon as it appears in Pokemon Generations (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The first thing to know about any creature before picking a fight with one in Pokemon GO is what elemental type it possesses. In the case of Druddigon, it is a pure Dragon-type. This leaves it vulnerable to Ice, Fairy, and other Dragon-type attacks. However, it resists Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric-type attacks.

Observing Druddigon's stat spread, its biggest weakness is its Defense stat of 170. With this in mind, its biggest weakness in battle would be getting spammed by attacks with an elemental advantage over it, so potent Ice-type attackers can be a valuable addition to your team for this fight.

Galarian Darmanitan and Weavile, two of the strongest Ice-type attackers in Pokemon GO, truly shine in this fight as they can completely wipe the floor with Druddigon. Using these two picks over other Dragon-types is recommended as they will take huge amounts of damage from Druddigon's Dragon Tail and Dragon Claw attacks.


Certain Dragon-types like the Legendary Rayquaza or bulky pseudos like Dragonite can both deal and withstand more damage than Druddigon, so these are serviceable picks. In the event of Druddigon possessing Dark-type attacks like Bite or Night Slash, it would be best to avoid using Psychic-types as well since they will get quickly burst down in this scenario.

Another valuable asset trainers can have on their side is a numbers advantage. After all, Pokemon GO's Raid Battles were meant to be challenged by several players at once. Since Druddigon is a medium difficulty Raid Boss, a team of three or four would be optimal for taking down this boss as quickly as possible.

After trainers defeat Druddigon in its Raid Battle, they will be given the opportunity to catch it. Though only one is required to fill the Pokedex, shiny hunters may be glad to know that the dragon's shiny variant can be found and captured through these Raid Battles.

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