10 most powerful Psychic-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, ranked

Psychic-type Pokemon list
There are many Psychic-type creatures in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

In Pokemon GO, the most robust typing suitable for battle formats is Steel, with Dragon and Fairy considered a close second. However, Psychic-type creatures were once considered the best, especially in the Red and Blue era. They were only weak to Bug-type moves and nigh unbeatable. The power dynamic shifted with the arrival of its counter, the Dark typing. Following this addition, Psychic-type species have experienced a significant decline in their utility.

While the current meta doesn't favor Psychic-type creatures, some Pocket Monsters deal significant damage, thanks to their dual typing and access to a versatile movepool.

This guide lists the 10 most potent Psychic-type creatures in Pokemon GO based on their battle utility, type advantage, stat composition, moveset accessibility, and DPS.

Note: This list is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer.

Ranking Mewtwo and other strong Psychic-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO

10) Galarian Articuno

Galarian Articuno (Image via Niantic/Serebii)
Galarian Articuno (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

Galarian Articuno is a dual Flying and Psychic-type Pokemon from the Kanto region. Due to its double typing, this creature is susceptible to Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice, and Rock-type moves while offering resistance against Ground, Fighting, Psychic, and Grass-type attacks. Its best moveset, Psycho Cut and Brave Bird, inflict 17.28 DPS.

Although Galarian Articuno deals heavy damage with its moveset, it can't access moves that solidify its utility, like Espeon's secondary Charged Attack, Shadow Ball, a Ghost-type move, or Alakazam's Fairy-type attack, Dazzling Gleam. For this reason, the other Pocket Monsters on this list have higher chances of beating opponents despite their DPS.

While Galarian Articuno can't Mega Evolve, it is a good contender for PvP battle formats. Its maximum Pokemon GO Combat Power (CP) can reach up to 4059. With an attack-focused stat spread, it has 250 Attack, 197 Defense, and 207 Stamina.

Since Galarian Articuno is a rare find, players must partake in raids to get it. Those with the creature can gain a combat advantage when using it in the Psychic Cup: Great League.

9) Meloetta (Aria)

Meloetta (Aria) (Image via Niantic/Serebii)
Meloetta (Aria) (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

Meloetta (Aria)'s dual typing, Normal and Psychic, allows it to resist Ghost and Psychic-type moves in Pokemon GO.

Coming out of the Unova Region, Meloetta (Aria) receives a CP and spawn rate boost if the weather is favorable to its typing. Furthermore, this Mythical Pokemon is only weak to Bug and Dark-type foes. However, since there are 63 Dark-type and 80 Bug-type creatures in Niantic's mobile game, it can be easily beaten by more capable powerhouses.

Similar to Galarian Articuno, Meloetta (Aria) doesn't possess a Mega evolution form but can access Fairy and Electric-type moves. Its CP can go up to 4409, with an impressive stat spread of 250 Attack, 225 Defense, and 225 Stamina.

By resisting Ghost and Psychic-type moves, Meloetta (Aria) can defend against foes with these typings. Moreover, its best movepool, Quick Attack and Hyper Beam, deals 15.98 damage per second.

8) Espeon

Espeon (Image via Niantic/Serebii)
Espeon (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

One of the most powerful Eeveelutions in Pokemon GO is the Psychic-type Espeon, whose CP can rise to 3583. While it boasts immense attacking power, it's also pretty good at defending and tanking incoming moves.

With 163 Stamina, 175 Defense, and 261 Attack, Espeon can be a good counter against Fighting and Psychic-type foes. Due to its high power level, it's best suited for the Pokemon GO Master League.

Despite Espeon's weaknesses, it has access to Shadow Ball, a Ghost-type move as an Elite Charged Attack. Along with that, it is vulnerable to Dark and Bug-type picks. Its best moveset, Confusion and Psychic, can inflict 16.89 damage per second (DPS). Furthermore, players can add a new secondary Charged Attack to get the best battle results.

7) Alakazam

Alakazam (Image via Niantic/Serebii)
Alakazam (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

Alakazam can Mega Evolve in Pokemon GO. When this Psychic-type creature uses that form, its CP dramatically increases, reaching 5099.

The Attack Power of Alakazam's regular form is 271. The creature also has Defense Power of 167 and Stamina Power of 146. Its best moveset, Psycho Cut and Psychic, deal increased damage, hitting 17.48 DPS. While the Pocket Monster's Mega form boosts its offensive and defensive capacity, its ability to tank incoming attacks remains the same.

Windy weather conditions in Pokemon GO further increase Alakazam's power and spawn rate. Given its typing, it is weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type picks while resisting Fighting and Psychic-type moves.

Alakazam is a great Pokemon for PvP battle scenes because of its versatile move pool. As an Elite Charged Attack, it can access a Fairy-type move, Dazzling Gleam. Additionally, it can use Ghost, Fire, and Fighting-type attacks.

6) Hoopa (Confined)

Hoopa Confined (Image via Niantic/Serebii)
Hoopa Confined (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

Hoopa's Confined form is one of the most robust monsters in Pokemon GO. It is a dual Psychic and Dark-type Mythical creature that originated from the Kalos region in the sixth generation.

Hoppa enjoys the Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) bonus. Its clashes often showcase its formidable power and versatility.

The max CP of Hoopa's Confined form is 3797, where its primary power is its Attack. With 261 Attack, 187 Defense, and 173 Stamina, players must know when to switch it out in battles to maximize its effectiveness.

In Pokemon GO, Hoppa (Confined)'s best moveset, Confusion and Shadow Ball, inflict 17.54 DPS to Fighting, Poison, Ghost, and Psychic-type foes. While the creature is vulnerable to Dark and Ghost-type moves, it withstands Fighting, Psychic, Poison, and Normal-type attacks.

5) Metagross

Metagross (Image via Niantic/Serebii)
Metagross (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

A dual type combination of Psychic and Steel makes Metagross popular for PvP and PvE battle formats in Pokemon GO. With versatility in its disposal, it can use Ground-type move Earthquake to damage Poison, Fire, Steel, Rock, and Electric-type creatures. It can also achieve a maximum GO CP of 4286.

With a balanced stat spread, Metagross can overpower opponents with its devastating high-damage attacks. It has 257 Attack, 288 Defense, and 190 Stamina.

Metagross' best moveset, Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash, which are both Steel-type moves, dish out 18.00 DPS, making quick work of Fairy, Rock, and Ice-type entities.

Metagross can Mega Evolve, but this form has yet to debut in Pokemon GO. Upon its arrival, the power dynamics in the game may shift even further.

4) Latios

Latios (Image via Niantic/Serebii)
Latios (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

The second-best typing in Pokemon GO after Steel is Dragon. Latios is a Psychic and Dragon-type creature belonging to the Hoenn region.

When Latios Mega Evolves, its impressive stats of 268 Attack, 212 Defense, and 190 Stamina increase to 335, 241, and 190, respectively. Its max CP also changes to 5661. Given this information, the DPS of its best moveset, Dragon Breath and Psychic, changes from 17.42 to 21.08.

Players can also activate Latios' second Charged Attack, Solar Beam, a Grass-type move, against Rock, Grass, and Water-type picks.

3) Lunala

Lunala (Image via Niantic/Serebii)
Lunala (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

Lunala doesn't need Mega Evolution to be a potent creature in Pokemon GO's Psychic-type category. Introduced in the seventh generation, it showcases phenomenal battle prowess.

To maintain the power dynamics in the Pokemon GO world, Lunala's sub-typing, Ghost, plays an important role. Since it is super effective against the Psychic typing, having a dual-type beast in one's possession offers a strategic advantage.

Lunala's CP can increase up to 4570 in Pokemon GO. Trainers can utilize its outstanding battle stats (255 Attack, 191 Defense, and 264 Stamina) in PvP and PvP battle situations.

Thanks to its typing, Lunala takes reduced damage from Fighting, Normal, Psychic, and Poison-type attacks. Despite its weaknesses, it can use Fairy, Ghost, and Flying-type moves. Its best moveset, Confusion and Shadow Ball, inflict 17.36 DPS on opponents.

2) Hoopa (Unbound)

Hoopa Unbound (Image via Niantic/Serebii)
Hoopa Unbound (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

Pokemon GO players can select Hoopa (Unbound) to battle many powerful Dark-type adversaries.

Being a dual Psychic and Dark-type creature, Hoopa (Unbound) is weak to Bug and Fairy-type moves while resisting only Psychic-type attacks. This creature cannot Mega Evolve. However, its best movepool, Confusion and Psychic, can dish out 19.81 DPS.

The maximum Pokemon GO CP of Hoopa (Unbound) can extend to 4530 with 311 Attack, 191 Defense, and 173 Stamina. Windy and foggy weather conditions further boost its CP.

Since Hoopa (Unbound) is more of an attack-centric creature, trainers can use it to gain an advantage over foes with lesser tank capacity.

1) Mewtwo

Mewtwo (Image via Niantic/Serebii)
Mewtwo (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

Mewtwo has been a fan favorite since it appeared in the mainline games. This solo Psychic-type critter can access multiple moves. Trainers who unlock its secondary attacks will know it has Ice, Fire, Fighting, Ghost, and Normal-type moves.

While Mewtwo's typing makes it weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type moves, its versatile movepool helps tackle creatures of these types. For instance, Focus Blast is strong against Dark-type attributes.

Moreover, Mewtwo's impressive stats (4723 CP, 300 Attack, 182 Defense, and 214 Stamina) give it the power to overwhelm opponents. Using its best moveset, Psycho Cut and Psystrike, trainers can deal 20.98 DPS to foes.

Pokemon GO players are patiently waiting for Mewtwo's Mega Evolve forms: Mega Mewtwo X and Y. After their debut, trainers can use them to dominate the GO Battle League.

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