The best moveset for Lugia in Pokemon GO

The Legendary Lugia in Pokemon GO. (Image via Niantic)
The Legendary Lugia in Pokemon GO. (Image via Niantic)
Brandon Moore

Lugia is one of the first Legendary Pokemon fans will come across and is a powerful force in Pokemon GO.

With the Season of Mischief beginning on 1 September 2021, Lugia will be returning to Five-Star Raids in Pokemon GO. The giant flying creature is going to put up a fight.

Typically, Legendary Pokemon are the hardest Raids to complete in Pokemon GO. Lugia has proven that time and time again. If players manage to catch one, they will have that power on their side with access to a stellar moveset.

Pokemon GO: The best moveset for Lugia (September 2021)

Lugia is a Psychic/Flying-type Legendary Pokemon. In Pokemon GO, players can use any Lugia that they capture to fight Pokemon in Gyms or in the unrestricted levels of the GO Battle League.

Being a Legendary Pokemon makes it easy to decide what the best moveset is for Lugia in Pokemon GO. That is because Legendary Pokemon can't be left to defend a Gym.

Players don't have to worry if they want an offensive or defensive Lugia with potentially different moves. They just need to go with the offensive selection and take the fight to other Pokemon GO trainers.

That brings us to the best moveset. It is hands down, Extrasensory as the Fast Attack and Aeroblast as the Charged Attack. Both of these receive a Same Type Attack Bonus for Lugia in Pokemon GO.

With that STAB, Extrasensory will do a solid 13.1 damage per second. While Aeroblast is a Charged Move, its DPS is still taken into consideration at a whopping 63.5.

Lugia's moveset can be changed with TMs in Pokemon GO to achieve this moveset. Use a Fast TM as many times as needed until the Fast Attack is changed to Extrasensory.

For Aeroblast, players will need to use an Elite Charged TM in Pokemon GO. This allows them to select which move will become the Charged Attack. Choose Aeroblast and everything is in order.

Aeroblast takes 100 Energy before it is usable. Extrasensory generates 10.9 Energy per second. It takes less than a short 10 seconds before Aeroblast is charged and ready to be unleashed.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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