Where does Logan Paul live?

Last Modified Jan 16, 2023 07:10 GMT
Source- Logan Paul Instagram

Logan Paul has been enjoying a plush life in Dorado, Puerto Rico since 2021. Paul moved from Southern California after he "fell in love with" the island.

In one of the episodes of 'The Night Shift' which is for his best friend Mike Majlak's YouTube Channel, Logan Paul revealed that he had bought a new house in Puerto Rico and was waiting for its building work to be finished. While waiting for the construction work to get finished, Paul temporarily rented a $28 million property in Puerto Rico.

In the video, his best friend gave a tour of the newly rented house of Logan Paul which had 34 beds and was way more massive than his LA home. Paul was paying around $57,000 as its rent. During the tour, Paul also revealed that the house he purchased was much "sicker" than the current one he had rented.

Who is Logan Paul?

Source- Logan Paul Instagram

Logan Alexander Paul is an American media personality, YouTuber, podcaster, actor, and currently a professional wrestler. Paul first gained recognition on the internet in 2013. He used to post funny sketches on the video-sharing application Vine along with other Vine stars like Lele Pons, Curtis Lepore, Anwar Jibawi, Jerry Purpdrank, and many other Vine artists.

However, after the closure of the app, Logan then started his YouTube channel and continued posting videos there. In 2015, Logan Paul then created his Logan Paul Vlogs and in no time the channel became his most subscribed channel. His vlogs quickly grabbed the attention of the viewers and his fan following skyrocketed.

Paul was born in Westlake, Ohio on April 1, 1995. He grew up in Westlake with his younger brother Jake Paul. Talking about his college days, Paul majored in Industrial Engineering at Ohio University before he dropped out in 2014 to pursue a career as a full-time social media entertainer in Los Angeles.

How did Logan Paul get famous?

Source- Logan Paul Instagram

It was his YouTube Vlogs that got him super famous in no time. While on his journey to becoming famous, Paul slowly began becoming more and more controversial due to his type of content on YouTube. The first and one of his biggest controversies was the 'suicide forest controversy'. On December 31, 2017, Paul uploaded a vlog that showed a deceased corpse of a man who had died by hanging himself in Aokigahara which is also known as the 'suicide forest' in Japan.

The video gained 6.3 million views within 24 hours and Paul and his group were highly criticized by celebrities, politicians, and netizens for their insensitive reaction after seeing the dead body. People began petitioning against him and his YouTube channel and urged the platform to delete his channel. Eventually, Paul apologized and also removed the video. With such behavior patterns continuing, YouTube suspended all advertising on his channel in 2018 which led to Paul starting his Twitch channel. However, the suspension was revoked after a few weeks.

After having a very happening vlog and streaming career, Logan Paul then began his boxing career. Currently, Paul is a professional wrestler and has signed a multi-event contract with WWE in 2022. Paul is also known for appearing in films and TV shows.


Q. How old is Logan Paul?

A. Born on April 1, 1995, this makes Logan Paul 27 years old as of the current year.

Q. What is the name of Logan Paul's brother?

A. Logan Paul's younger brother's name is Jake Paul.

Q. How did Logan Paul get famous?

A. Logan Paul first gained recognition by posting funny short sketches on the video-sharing application called Vine.

Q. How tall is Logan Paul?

A. According to various websites, Logan Paul's height stands at 6 feet 2 inches.