5 best new Roblox games to check out (August 2022)

Enjoy these new amazing top 5 Roblox games (Image via Roblox)
Enjoy these new amazing top 5 Roblox games (Image via Roblox)

Roblox is one of the top sandbox games on the internet. It is often known for coming out with new distinct games and offers players a wide range of titles. Gamers love the online gaming platform's authenticity and variety of games.

Every individual Roblox game has its own set of unique rules, challenges, goals, and in-game interactions, besides already being a part of a genre.

A bunch of new Roblox games is released every day. These games are fun-filled and unique but often get lost in the other games sea. This article covers all the newly released Roblox games that players should check out.

These Roblox games are a must-explore for all players

1) Race Around the World


Roblox Race Around the World is an adventure game released on the platform on December 1, 2021. It is the third and also the latest edition of the game. It is based on the popular reality TV series, The Amazing Race.

The game is a considerable relay race around the world on a world tour, wherein players and their friends are up against all the other teams. The title allows the player to switch between the two game modes: solo and duo. Players compete on "legs" at famous landmarks in different cities worldwide.

These legs consist of puzzles and mini-games, with every leg having its challenges and goals. The team that arrives last at a particular leg shall be eliminated from the race. To win the game, the teams must ensure they cross the Finish Line at the last leg.

Gamers use different modes of transport to get from one checkpoint to another at a faster or slower pace. However, some modes of transportation require a larger amount of money than others, so it is highly recommended that players budget in advance to avoid running out of money and then having to walk, which will slow them down.

2) Mecha Simulator


Mecha Simulator is a newly released game on Roblox that fans of the roleplaying genre of games are sure to enjoy. The game is often compared to Pet Simulator X as both the games have a similar concept.

If users have watched the American fiction movie, Pacific Rim, this game might seem too familiar because of the big robot and giant monster (Kaiju) scene. Gamers will see more of these robot vs monster fights in Roblox Mecha Simulator.

Mecha Simulator is an RPG game where players shall get the chance to see the ultimate fight of the mechas. The mechas in this Roblox game consist of robots and monsters. Gamers shall receive many gold coins upon fighting and destroying any monster in the game.

Users can go to the mech shop and then open eggs, which can be used to unlock new, more powerful mechas. Players may also use these coins to upgrade their mechas and use skill points to upgrade their mechas skills.

3) Glider Simulator


The Glider Simulator on Roblox is a cool, truly one-of-a-kind game. Players can take those cannon shooting games they used to play as a kid to the next level in the Glider Simulator. The main motive of the game is gliding, as evident by the title.

Gamers in the Gliding Simulator are required to get into the cannon and are fired right out of it with a glider. They are required to glide their way through hoops in the game to gain some speed, gain some coins and gems along the way, and try to go as far as possible.

As and when the player wants, they may use the accumulated coins to upgrade their gliders and cannons, purchase an in-game boost that would help in gliding further than before, and set a new record.

The game is a favorite of many gamers due to how realistic the physics works in Roblox Glider Simulator and how it's very similar to flying a glider in real life. Players can also buy trails from the shop using the gems they have collected.

4) Space Noob Tycoon


Roblox Space Noob Tycoon is a super fun and unique Tycoon game on the gaming platform. This Tycoon game is different from other Tycoon-based games because it allows players to build their colony as per their preferences on different types of planets.

However, Space Noob Tycoon's goal is similar to any other Tycoon game - to upgrade their colony as much as possible. Players may upgrade their colony by mining the ore. One can power up the ore digging machine by using the noobs on the machine powering cycle, making the digging process much faster.

Once the mining is done, the ore shall be collected in a pile, and players can walk on the pile to collect it. Proceeding with that, the ore can be placed in the furnace, where it will be smelted and turned into gold ore. Gamers can use all types of ores to upgrade the stations in their colony.

Once a player gets a good enough colony, they can go to the next planet to start fresh and build a new colony there. This Roblox game is super fun yet super simple.

5) Michael's Zombies


Michael's Zombies on Roblox is a zombie-based survival game based. The title is based on the Zombies game mode in the Call of Duty franchise. Even though the game is based on a mode in Call of Duty, the title's creators have ensured that the game has excellent original maps in Roblox.

"Michael was displeased with you and placed you inside his Zombies pocket dimension. Will you be able to survive his wrath? Fight against endless waves of zombies alone or with friends! Game inspired off the Zombies mode from the Call of Duty franchise."

The action game on Roblox is gaining popularity on the platform, even though it is not the most original gaming idea since almost every first-person shooter game has a zombie mode. Players love this version of the game because of how up-to-date and sleek the game is.

The main motive of Michael's Zombies is for players and their friends to stay alive for as long as possible from the endless waves of zombies. The game starts pretty easily but tends to increase in difficulty as gamers progress through the number of zombie waves.

Players have many tools that they can use to survive zombies, such as traps and teleporters. They can also build fences to keep zombies from getting to them or their friends. Gamers also have access to an arsenal of all sorts of weapons that they can purchase and also upgrade.

Note: The Roblox games mentioned in the list above are not ranked in any order and are subjective to the writer's opinion.

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