5 Roblox games to play after you're bored of Brookhaven RP

Try out this fun Roblox games after Brookhaven RP (Image via Roblox)
Try out this fun Roblox games after Brookhaven RP (Image via Roblox)

Roblox Brookhaven RP is one of the gaming platform's most popular and fun titles. The game is a simplistic and entertaining roleplaying experience that features a huge set of tools, vehicles, and stores where players can hang out with other like-minded players.

However, the game's simple nature might also become monotonous and boring. Gamers can then opt to play any of the different genres of games on the platform, which would surely help users overcome their boredom.

They need not worry, as Roblox features many games falling under various categories of genres, making sure there is something for everyone. Players can try out new titles on Roblox, from fashion to mystery and action-based tycoon games, if one seems to bore them out.

Roblox is an online gaming platform that consists of an endless number of games. The users themselves create the games on Roblox. Hence, one can enjoy playing them and unleash their creative side by creating fun games.

Since anyone can create games on the platform, there is a vast variety and multiple genres of games that one can choose from if they get bored to ensure there is no monotony in the gaming experience of the player.

Roblox offers a treasure trove of titles

1) Murder Mystery 2


Murder Mystery 2 is a horror-genre game on Roblox created and published by Niklis. The title is inspired and based on Garry's mod game known as Murder. Up to twelve players can play on a single server of the game. The game is pretty different from Brookhaven RP in many ways.

The server consists of one murderer, who's responsible for killing the innocents, one sheriff, who's responsible for finding the murderer and killing them while also surviving, and ten innocents who are required to survive the entire round without getting murdered by the murderer.

The title features three game modes: Casual, Hardcore and Assassin, and can be switched between by the players anytime they desire. When a player spawns as a sheriff, they are the only players on the server that spawn with a gun, which they can use to protect themselves and the rest of the lobby.

Upon being killed (either by being killed by the murderer or by shooting an innocent), the sheriff drops the gun, which any of the innocents can then pick up to save the day.

Sheriff's XP increases depending on how many innocents they save. The innocents in Roblox Murder Mystery 2 gain XP depending on their activity during the round, such as their survival time in-game and the number of collected coins.

The murderer in the game is required to murder the innocents and sheriffs before time runs out steadily, swiftly, and without being suspicious and can make use of boosts to aid themselves.

2) Natural Disaster Survival


Natural Disaster Survival on Roblox is one of the most well-known, simple yet entertaining games. The title is a round-based survival game created by Stickmasterluke. In Natural Disaster Survival, all players must survive through 12 different pre-set disasters on 21 pre-set maps.

Gamers spawn on a green-colored elevated island where every new player spawns before every game round. The title surpassed over a billion visits from gamers all over the world in early 2020.

Upon starting the game, the players are greeted by a GUI and spawn on the elevated green island along with other players. They can observe the previous round of disaster striking the players and watch the players in that round trying to survive from a distance.

The elevated island consists of a short obstacle course that players can complete to get coins; they can use these coins to purchase boosts, fun gags, energy drinks, or snacks to use in-game.

When a round starts in Roblox Natural Disaster Survival, a random map is selected from the list of maps, and all the gamers are teleported to that island.

Upon arrival on the island, the players are all given approximately 30 seconds to prepare for the random disaster to hit, which the players are unaware of. Upon dying while trying to survive the disaster, the players shall be sent to the spawn tower until the next round.

3) Adopt Me


Although Roblox Adopt Me is also a roleplaying game, it is more of a slow-paced game. The title is set in a virtual world known as Adoption Island. The game offers gamers an opportunity to virtually adopt pets and take care of them, along with getting to customize their homes according to their personal preferences and also explore the vast island.

Roblox Adopt Me is another roleplaying offering that is more of a slow-paced game set in a virtual world known as Adoption Island. The title offers an opportunity for young players to adopt pets, customize homes according to their liking, and explore the vast island. Adopt Me has two game modes: Parent mode and Baby mode. The parent mode enables the player to take care of the baby, and it is the other way around in the Baby mode.

The game also features a feature called the home design feature that is mainly pet-focused. This game lets one customize their home in Adopt Me according to their taste and preferences to create their dream residence. Players can then move on to finding cute housing for their cute little critters that make up the entire Adoption Island. The Roblox game also features a trading system, hobbies, and more.

Roblox Adopt Me has been at the top spot ever since its release way back in 2017 by DreamCraf, and due to its long-term popularity consisting of over 29 billion visits is now considered a "classic" game on Roblox. Gamers can indulge in this game for hours of immersive and fun-filled roleplaying and enjoy in-game moments with their online friends.

4) Hide and Seek Extreme


Roblox Hide and Seek Extreme is the perfect multiplayer adventure game on the gaming platform for one who misses playing the classic game of Hide and Seek and wants to feel the nostalgia again online. The title was created by Tim7775 in January of 2015. The game has been a favorite of over 2 billion players in the seven years since its release and the same accounts for its likeability amongst gamers worldwide.

It is easily one of the most popular hide-and-seek-themed titles on Roblox and is genuinely one of a kind. The game is regarded as a rework of the TwoShue's Hide n' Seek XL: Living Spaces. A single Roblox Hide and Seek Extreme server can fit up to 14 players.

Like real-life hide-and-seek games, 13 players should hide from the seeker for a specific time to win the game. This game allows older players to feel the nostalgia while being the perfect virtual version of a kid's everyday hide and seek game.

Hiders in-game have 60 seconds to find their best hiding spot in a single round. They can also look at how many other users are alive and how far the seeker for the round is from them in the white rectangle in the top right corner of the screen. On the other hand, the seeker freezes for the first minute of the game with their screen blank while the hiders hide and then are given four minutes to find the hiders.

The seeker is given one of four sets of special abilities randomly in a round, namely:

  • Glue
  • Camera
  • Sprint
  • Stun.

The seeker can win the game simply by finding all the hiders, and the hiders can win the game by staying hidden for four minutes. Either way, this simple yet exhilarating game is a great one.

5) Work at a Pizza Place


Roblox Work at a Pizza Place is a simulator game on the gaming platform that is very addictive and was created by a user called Dued1. Gamers in this title must manage the pizza shop and carry out other activities to ensure the shop runs smoothly. These activities include: fulfilling orders, managing workers, delivering the proper pizza, and managing the kitchen.

The fun pizza shop-inspired Roblox game dates way back to early 2008 and has reeled in nearly four billion visits. Gamers can opt to choose from the various roles in the pizza parlor.

As a cashier, the user will have to take customers' orders and receive a reaction from them for each order. As a cook, gamers will have to make every customer's order per the specifications given by the players. Those playing as the delivery guy will have to deliver orders to the right customers within the time limit.

The roles are straightforward and can be carried out and completed easily. Apart from the above-stated roles, there are a few other roles in the Roblox Work at a Pizza Parlor, such as the pizza boxer, supplier, manager, and others. Every role has its own unique set of requirements to be met, quirks, and challenges to be faced.

Upon leveling up in Roblox Work at a Pizza Place, the challenges faced by the players get tougher. Upon completing the tasks, players get some coins as their reward that can be used to upgrade the gamer's home.

Note: The above list of Roblox games is not ranked in any order and is subjective to the writer's opinions.

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